Zeotap Data Introduces ‘Data Tribes’ – 12 Smart Premium Segments for Enhanced Audience Targeting

Zeotap Data offers advertisers an array of highly effective audience segments tailored for improved campaign performance

Berlin, 21st of September 2023 – Zeotap Data, a leading provider of fully-consented, people-based data solutions, announces the launch of ‘Zeotap Tribes’,  a collection of 12 smart audience segments. 

These meticulously crafted segments have been designed by prioritising data from exclusive mobile telco partnerships, and aim to meet specific campaign needs across the most important advertising verticals.

Zeotap Data collects millions of signals daily from over 60 best-in-class partners, including mobile telco’s, e-commerce platforms, offline data sources, apps, and premium publishers. The creation of Zeotap Tribes involves a rigorous analysis of these signals to identify shared characteristics among users. This, in turn, allows to organise them into ‘Tribes’—cohorts of individuals who exhibit similar interests, preferences, or behaviours. 

The ‘Tribes’ initiative comprises 12 distinct coherent groups, each tailored to cater to unique campaign requirements across various verticals: Fitness Enthusiasts, Adrenaline Junkies, Lifelong Learners, Foodies, Experience Travelers, Beauty Gurus, New Movers, Everyday Investors, Luxurious Lifestyle Seekers, Green Drivers, Fashion Trend Chasers and Tech Geeks.

These Tribes empower marketers to gain a deeper understanding of their target audiences, enhancing campaign efficiency and driving better results. The high quality of Zeotap Data Tribes, combined with the elimination of the need to layer multiple data segments at the activation channel level, results in significantly higher audience accuracy, improved efficiency, and substantial time and resource savings.

In addition to these advantages, Zeotap Tribes ensure that targeting remains consistently fresh and relevant through a dynamic audience that is continually updated and enriched.

“We are thrilled to introduce Zeotap Data Tribes, a significant step forward in audience segmentation. We are providing advertisers with finely-tuned, premium segments to elevate their campaign effectiveness, reduce waste  and deliver better results.” says Matt Bennathan, SVP at Zeotap Data, adding “Thanks to our exclusive partnerships with mobile Telecom companies and our extensive capabilities of resolving attributes from multiple sources to create a single identity, we deliver extremely accurate, comprehensive data. This means that your campaigns are delivered to real people: a precise, engaged and responsive audience.”

About Zeotap Data

Zeotap Data was designed in Germany for GDPR, delivering quality and scale without compromising on privacy.
Zeotap Data offers people-based and deterministic data composed of over 500 million unique IDs, with over 1bn data data points refreshed daily to ensure fidelity and accuracy. Leveraging exclusive data partnerships from the telecoms sector, Zeotap Data is fully-consented, GDPR and ePrivacy compliant, reaching your core demographic audiences using validated age and gender attributes. Presented in a universally recognisable IAB 1.1 segmentation to cater for all sectors, and accessible through every buying channel that matters, Zeotap Data provides unmatched client service to ensure agencies, advertisers, and platforms deliver campaign success. 

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