Zeotap Integrates With the Appnexus Data Marketplace to Provide Accurate, Deterministic Data to Marketers


zeotap, an independent mobile data platform that unites the world’s most valuable data to fuel growth, today announced that it has completed its integration with AppNexus, a leading internet technology company that enables and optimizes the real-time sale and purchase of digital advertising.
“zeotap’s deterministic mobile data helps advertisers target mobile devices with greater certainty and precision,” said Daniel Smith, director, strategic partnerships at AppNexus. “We are pleased to offer the buyers in our Data Marketplace access to zeotap’s high-quality targeting data to achieve their performance objectives.”
zeotap is joining more than 20 leading third-party data providers across verticals that comprise The AppNexus Data Marketplace, which provides a streamlined workflow for acquiring and applying data. Buyers accessing the AppNexus Marketplace across the US, Europe and India can now benefit from zeotap’s verified targeting data which includes sociodemographic, interest, purchase intent, mobile app usage and mobile browsing segments.
“High-quality mobile data sources are in high demand, but are often only available at scale within closed environments. The integration between zeotap and AppNexus will ensure that accurate, verified data is now available across the digital ecosystem.,” said Taylor West, GM, North America, zeotap. “We are pleased to collaborate with AppNexus to allow buyers to engage their desired audiences with accuracy and speed and gain valuable insights through every campaign.”
zeotap data has been shown to significantly exceed market benchmarks on measured demographic On-Target Percentage (OTP) levels. The company has also introduced rigid data quality tests to ensure a homogeneously high quality amongst all of its data partners. As of November 2017, zeotap has united over 250MM high-quality in-app data profiles across app usage demographic and purchase intent data in the US to help ensure that campaigns not only exceed audience targeting goals, but at the volumes needed to deliver large branded campaigns.

About zeotap

Founded in 2014, zeotap unites the world’s most valuable data to fuel growth. Its mission is to bring the targeting, insights and data identity capabilities of platforms like Google and Facebook to the rest of the digital mobile ecosystem. zeotap has established a global data platform for mobile advertising, which integrates hard-to-access deterministic user-level data from large enterprises, placing a focus on data security and privacy. The company has earned several distinctions for its solution, including the i-Com Global Mobile Award 2016 and a Special Corporate Award by FMCG giant Unilever. It is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in New York, London, Milan, Madrid, Bangalore and Mumbai.

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