Zeotap Data Powered Contextual Expansion

Eliminate guesswork, scale intelligently with deeper insights

how contextual expansion works: example

Reach audiences at scale with a relevant message through Zeotap Data-powered Contextual Expansion, which offers deep audience insights and smart campaign scaling. Unlike traditional methods, our solution directly integrates Audience and Contextual targeting, eliminating guesswork and leveraging real-time data inputs for precise expansion. Both first-party and third-party data sources drive contextual expansion, ensuring reach to the right audience without uncertainty.

Improve Engagement for Automotive Brand with Contextual Expansion

GroupM Germany ran multiple campaigns for an automotive company that wanted to gain a better understanding of their target audience and drive more conversions with their programmatic campaigns.

Zeotap Data-powered Contextual Expansion solution was chosen due to its power to intelligently scale the campaign and provide insights into the target audience. This solution eliminated guesswork by dynamically informing Illuma’s Contextual Engine to learn from real-time content consumption, analyse URLs and identify relevant topics.

Contextual Expansion Case Study


The client gained deep insights into the target audience’s online behaviour through detailed reporting.

Zeotap Data-powered Contextual Expansion drove 2.2x more conversions than the control line items.

+2.2 X

Conversions Rate

+2 X

Increase in Unique URL Reach

Effective Campaign Scaling with Data-Driven Contextual Expansion

Zeotap Data, combined with Iluma’s AI-powered Contextual Targeting technology, drives our unique approach: data-powered contextual expansion. 

It all starts with the activation of own customer data or a third-party data segment on the selected DSP. Once the segments are live, the contextual recommendation engine analyzes the websites visited by the target audience and identifies the most relevant, highest performing inventory. Based on these insights, campaign delivery is expanded – all happening in real time.


Benefits of Zeotap-Illuma Contextual Expansion

  • Expand Relevant Reach: Discover incremental, relevant audiences beyond ID-based targeting.
  • Future-proof Scaling: Scale intelligently, especially crucial with the upcoming disappearance of third-party cookies.
  • Easy Activation: Set the strategy live in any DSP with minimal effort.
  • Improved Audience Insights: Get to know your audience better through content consumption analysis.

Eliminating guesswork to scale
with deeper audience insights

With Zeotap Data-powered Contextual Expansion, you gain a deeper understanding
of their audiences and intelligently scale the campaign.
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