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TikTok Advertising Mastery with Zeotap CDP Integration

Imagine the fusion of a cutting-edge customer data platform with today’s most dynamic entertainment hub. Exciting news for marketers in the TikTok realm: Zeotap CDP has unveiled an innovative suite of integrations that’s about to reshape advertising on TikTok.

At Zeotap CDP, our commitment to expanding omnichannel engagement knows no bounds. Our goal is to empower brands with real-time global-scale data, fuelling personalised experiences across platforms. Built-in compliance with rigorous European regulations and tailored for hands-on marketers seeking swift outcomes with minimal oversight, our TikTok integration lets marketers harness these potent profiles, enabling precise and targeted campaigns. In this blog, we’ll delve into the pivotal advantages this integration brings and illustrate its potential through insightful use cases.


Introducing TikTok as an audience destination 

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, providing content that is exciting, spontaneous and genuine. As the digital landscape evolves, so does the need for marketers to connect with their audiences in meaningful and engaging ways. With TikTok as an audience destination,  you can pinpoint and engage with the exact demographics, interests and behaviours that matter most to your brand. Say goodbye to spray-and-pray tactics and hello to laser-focused campaigns that resonate. Whether you’re aiming to boost brand awareness, drive conversions or optimise campaign spend, TikTok as an audience destination empowers you to tailor your messages for maximum impact.

Elevate your marketing strategy with Zeotap CDP and TikTok audience integration

As a marketer, you begin with crafting precise customer segments within Zeotap CDP, utilising MAIDs and securely hashed contact details. Once seamlessly connected to your TikTok Ad account, these meticulously curated segments effortlessly populate on TikTok’s Audience Manager Page. This integration serves as a gateway to elevate brand visibility and elevate conversion rates through strategic re-engagement endeavours. These audiences can also be used for spend optimisation, ensuring that engagement is exclusively directed towards driving new conversions, thus maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns.

tiktok integration work flow

Zeotap CDP bestows businesses with an all-encompassing understanding of their customers, tapping into both online and offline data realms. This comprehensive comprehension paves your way as a marketer to re-target customers, enhancing the chances of conversion. The integration grants complete control and flexibility over the management of uploaded customer data. Zeotap’s robust customer segments further refines your targeting efforts, enriching the strategy with insights into user behaviour and content preferences across diverse channels.

  • Amplifying reach becomes a reality, expanding customer outreach and directing traffic toward your business. 
  • Precision targeting effortlessly comes into play, enabling the pinpointing of potential customers based on attributes such as gender, location, age and interests. 
  • The optimisation of ROAS takes center stage, facilitated through scheduled custom audience updates.

Understanding the integration through a suppression use case

The marketing team at a retail company sought to create targeted ad campaigns that resonated with their audience while upholding users’ preferences. They are armed with Zeotap CDP and seamlessly integrated with TikTok;  they want to tackle a common challenge: the dilemma of disinterested shoppers. Their marketing team yearned to exclude users who had displayed a lack of enthusiasm for specific product categories from receiving ads that simply didn’t spark their interest. With Zeotap’s CDP at their side, they set out to craft a suppression strategy that would banish irrelevant ads, ensuring every user interaction was meaningful.

The journey began with integrating their diverse customer data sources – from their website, CRM, loyalty program and more – into Zeotap’s CDP. Guided by Zeotap’s unified and enriched customer profiles, they analysed user behaviours, purchase history and interactions with past TikTok campaigns. Armed with this enriched understanding, they defined the criteria for suppression – users who had disengaged from specific product categories for a predetermined period. The marketing team meticulously curated a suppression segment within Zeotap’s CDP, housing the user IDs of those who fell within the opt-out criteria. 

Next, the team curated an ad campaign on TikTok Audiences introducing a dazzling collection of shoes. Before the ad campaign took center stage, they applied the suppression list to exclude those who had shown disinterest in shoes or related categories.

The results were spellbinding. By excluding disinterested users, the team ensured that their marketing spend was judiciously allocated, maximising ROI while delivering a positive user experience that garnered respect and admiration. Zeotap’s CDP not only helped them make informed decision-making through data-driven insights but also ensured regulatory compliance by valuing users’ preferences. 

Harness the formidable capabilities of Zeotap CDP and TikTok as an audience destination to harmonise and categorise customer data, enabling marketers to connect with audiences that drive tangible business results through innovative first-party data strategies. To delve deeper into this transformative partnership, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].
Our team is eager to assist you!

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