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Zeotap August 2022 Update: Calculated Attributes & Real-time Data

The month of August brings you some exciting new features: 

  • Calculated Attributes allows you to aggregate ingested events data for more nuanced audience segments that drive more conversions.
  • Real-time Data Orchestration allows you to craft highly-personalised, omnichannel customer journeys while respecting customer consent choices. 
  • A new integration: iOS SDK for mobile app sources. 

Time to put on your reading glasses!

Feature spotlight 

Calculated Attributes

What is it?

Use Calculated Attributes to create new user-level attributes by aggregating events data that you have ingested into Zeotap CDP. With these attributes you get the flexibility to define advanced cohorts in a few clicks, which otherwise would require involvement from a data analyst or data engineer. For example, find your most valued users by unifying granular revenue or purchase data or target users likely to churn if they haven’t purchased from you over a specified time period. 

How it works

Calculated Attributes is housed under the Catalogue section of Collect wherein you have an easy to use interface to create new attributes for a user by aggregating their event data over a specific time period. You can use over 10 types of operators to generate actionable insights and then leverage these insights to create more nuanced user cohorts.

What are the benefits?

  • Enriched insights about existing and new customers.
  • User-friendly interface that enables advanced segmentation without the need for any external assistance.
  • Create time-sensitive audience segments, customised to the length of your sales cycle.
  • Audience segments can be activated at scale and speed, as they are refreshed daily to fuel an always-on marketing strategy.
  • Granular audience segments improve campaign personalisation that ultimately drives more conversions.

See screenshot of the new Calculated Attributes feature below:

New feature

Real-time Data Orchestration

What is it?

Zeotap’s Real-time Data Orchestration feature ensures consistent and real-time personalisation of engagements across a user journey. These journeys are built on a foundation of their first-party data unified by Zeotap CDP. For example, you can choose to target high-value and low-value users differently when they abandon their cart on your website to ensure efficient campaign spend. Or if these users continue their purchase journey in your app, you can offer personalised messages that improve conversion.

See screenshot of the new Real-time Data Orchestration feature below:

What’s new?

Customers expect real-time personalisation across all touchpoints when engaging with a brand. Yet, many ‘real-time’ marketing tools share the same common issues: 

  • A highly technical user interface requiring marketers to ask for tech support to set up user journey orchestration
  • A lack of true omnichannel capabilities that spans across multiple platforms
  • Campaigns powered by stale and/or siloed customer data 

This results in poor utilisation of marketing resources, delays in campaign activation, inefficient campaign spend, and worst of all –  customer frustration that damages customer experience and brand loyalty.

Zeotap offers marketers a visual, intuitive UI to create highly personalised, cross-channel journeys that translate into meaningful user engagement across multiple touchpoints.

What are the benefits?

  • Personalisation at scale: Orchestrate customer journeys to deliver scalable personalisation in just a few clicks. Reach the right customer at the right time – in real-time.
  • Omnichannel and cross-platform activation: Activate campaigns across advertising, marketing and customer service platforms, sending data to any endpoint or API.
  • Drag-and-drop journey design: This is cross-channel personalisation made easy, with a simple drag-and-drop journey builder made for marketers.
  • Prevent overexposure: Orchestrating audience segments removes the risk of exposing customers to the same campaign message, optimising ad spend and improving CX.

New integration


iOS SDK is a natively built data collection feature that enables a client to send user events from iOS apps to Zeotap CDP. This SDK simplifies the process of sending data to marketing tools, such as a CDP, as there is no requirement to implement a new API every time. 

Once integrated, the SDK tracks events, page visit information, user logins and any other information related to the product or services offered on the app. This data can then be made actionable by creating audience segments based on user insights and targeting them on their preferred platforms. 

For existing Zeotap CDP customers, in order to integrate iOS SDK with mobile apps please follow the instructions provided in the implementation guide.

See screenshot of the new iOS SDK integration below:

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