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CDP for Automotive: Ideal Customer Journey Explained

In the dynamic and fiercely competitive automobile industry, delivering personalised and seamless customer experiences is essential for achieving success. Automotive brands grapple with the challenge of effectively harnessing customer data to craft tailored strategies that foster brand loyalty and drive sales.

The ability to leverage customer data is not just a luxury but an absolute necessity, to strategically identify growth prospects and secure a competitive advantage. This is precisely where Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) come into play, becoming instrumental in the era of data-driven marketing by helping companies navigate the intricate and ever-evolving customer journeys.

By consolidating data from various sources, CDPs offer a comprehensive view of the customer, empowering automotive businesses to establish meaningful interactions and optimise their marketing efforts. As a best-of-breeds customer data platform, Zeotap CDP equips automotive brands with the necessary tools to unlock the full potential of data and stimulate growth. 

CDP for Automotive: customer journey

To illustrate the power of Zeotap CDP in the context of the automobile industry, let’s delve into Alex’s story which highlights the transformative impact of CDPs on automotive challenges and successes.

Meet Alex

Meet Alex, a dedicated coach for a neighbourhood football team, aged 28, who enjoys exploring new destinations and has an ardent love for Asian cuisine. At present, he cruises around town in his trusty Mercury Racer but is harbouring dreams of stepping up to his first Stellar Driver Velocity. Eager to make his dream a reality, he downloads a handful of apps and begins to delve into the exciting world of Stellar Driver Velocity options.
However, just as he’s engrossed in exploring his potential Stellar Driver Velocity choices, Alex receives a call from his girlfriend. 

He moves off the website and forgets about the car. He momentarily leaves the website to chat with her and, in the hustle of the conversation, the thought of the new Stellar Driver Velocity momentarily slips from his mind. Little does Alex know that his aspiration of owning his very first Stellar Driver Velocity is on the cusp of becoming a thrilling reality.

Bridging the Gap with Zeotap CDP

Two days later, he comes across a Stellar Driver Velocity ad on Instagram, and this isn’t a mere coincidence. Alex is now being actively retargeted, thanks to Zeotap CDP. His online browsing activities have been meticulously tracked via JavaScript data from the Stellar Driver Velocity website that is seamlessly integrated into Zeotap’s CDP. Leveraging Zeotap’s repository of verified third-party data assets, Stellar Driver Velocity can effortlessly pinpoint lookalike audience segments resembling prospects like Alex across various marketing channels, with Instagram being one of them.

Recognised as a valuable lookalike, Alex is now part of the targeted audience segment and promptly presented with a tailored ad. Intrigued, Alex clicks on the ad and enters the Stellar Driver Velocity website. Here, the website’s content is personalised based on the campaign that he clicked on. As he explores the site, his gaze is captivated by a striking new Stellar Driver Velocity model, prompting him to initiate the configuration process.

Paths leading to the Test Drive

Alex is yet to book a test drive. Zeotap CDP includes additional third-party identifiers to increase the match and identification rate on Instagram. This proactive retargeting strategy yields results as Alex returns to the Stellar Driver Velocity website. He proceeds to configure his preferred Stellar Driver Velocity Golf, selecting his beloved black colour and ultimately takes the step to book a test drive with his local dealer. This journey all began a few days ago when Alex first visited the website, initially as an anonymous user. Subsequently, after engaging with an advertisement, he revisited the site, but this time he registered and provided additional first-party information.

Behind the scenes, Zeotap CDP’s ID stitching technology comes into play, merging this unified information with the prior anonymous records based on shared attributes. Moreover, it enriches this unified profile with a conversion flag, signifying that Alex has booked a test drive. This comprehensive customer profile enables Stellar Driver Velocity to leverage a more complete understanding of Alex’s preferences and engagement, paving the way for more targeted interactions and personalised experiences.

Personalisation and Conversion

The marketing team as Stellar Driver Velocity orchestrated Alex’s journey points within Zeotap CDP and sent emails via the out-of-the-box connector of one of the most used marketing automation tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Marketo and a few more. Two days before the test drive, Alex received a personalised push notification as a reminder for the test drive via his phone, given that he had left his mobile number during the sign-up for the test drive. On the day, Alex heads down to his local dealer and starts his test drive. During the test drive, the conversation around financing his new purchase comes up. Alex decides to conclude his showroom visit, intending to have a discussion with his girlfriend about the options available. The attentive sales representative promptly documented Alex’s information and feedback within the showroom’s system. Within minutes of Alex returning home, he found a personalised email waiting for him in his inbox. This email contained comprehensive details, including financial breakdowns, insurance options, and an enticing invitation to revisit the dealership, ensuring that Alex had all the necessary information at his fingertips for informed decision-making.

Orchestrated Journey driven by Zeotap CDP

Fast forward four days, and we catch up with Alex, who is gearing up for his eagerly anticipated return to the dealership. He makes the purchase and is super excited for his first ride in his new Stellar Driver Velocity. However, Alex needs to wait for at least eight weeks before he can finally lay his hands on his cherished new possession.

During this interlude, Zeotap CDP orchestration module keeps Alex engaged and informed. Just two days before the highly anticipated delivery date, he receives a personalised email from his trusted sales agent. This email extends a warm invitation for Alex to revisit the showroom, not only to collect his vehicle but also to delve into additional levels of granularity, such as choosing the specific colour for his Stellar Driver Velocity. The attention to detail ensures that Alex’s journey with his new car continues to be a delightful and personalised experience. 

Alex is added to a suppression segment for a few weeks to be excluded from any net new acquisition campaigns because he just bought a car. Alex is not only kept engaged and informed with personalised emails but he is also excluded from any new acquisition campaign since he has already made the purchase. This saves and can free up the marketing budget by up to 10 to 30%. These suppression segments and audiences can be activated across all key channels.


Zeotap CDP further enables Stellar Driver Velocity’s team to add additional splits so this can be a scalable opportunity for all the marketing team. From capturing customer interactions to orchestrating personalised journeys and measuring campaign effectiveness, Zeotap CDP serves as a central hub for creating seamless, data-driven marketing experiences. Step into the future of customer engagement with Zeotap CDP and unlock your brand’s true potential.


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