DMEXCO Trends 2019

DMEXCO brought pressing advertising issues to the forefront as marketers from around the world joined to discuss topics ranging from brands’ shifting roles in the advertising ecosystem to GDPR. However, from Digiday’s DMEXCO-postmortem coverage to conversations on the ground at Salesforce’s How-To stage, ‘combatting the cookie’ was the loudest theme of them all.

“…combatting the cookie’ was the loudest theme of them all.”

Marketers want to know how to survive the perils of diminishing cookie life-span, how to navigate Apple’s inclination to block identifiers, and how to actually achieve people-based marketing and track ROI given the landscape. The industry’s call for a more permanent identifier was heard loud and clear — and there is a solution.


The Mobile Ad ID (MAID) solves the cookie dilemma and offers a new way to accurately reach customers across the mobile and app spectrum. Couple this with complementary data for a full view and you have an extremely effective way to market to the people who matter. A mobile-centric approach naturally requires advertisers to shift their strategies away from desktop and towards mobile, in-app and even IGTV and radio. This move makes sense since there will be 270 million smartphones in the US alone in 2020 (Source Statista). It’s also critical that marketers choose AdID-centric technologies and platforms going forward to ensure that scale and precision are not lost in the process.

Long live the MAID.