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Explore the Revamped Zeotap CDP Interface for Effortless Navigation

Zeotap CDP has a new interface, meticulously redesigned to ensure effortless navigation. 
Over the past few months, our dedicated team has been hard at work crafting a new interface that harmonises simplicity with functionality.

Why did we embark on this huge effort?
As more CDP users joined us, they faced challenges like difficulty in finding their way around, discovering features and navigating complex user journeys. We listened to your feedback and took action, resulting in several improvements aimed at making things smoother for you.
Our goal was to enhance your user experience, catering to your needs and addressing any challenges you’ve encountered while using our platform.

We are excited to introduce a transformation that promises to redefine your experience. Together, let’s explore the key improvements that constitute Zeotap CDP’s new interface and see how they will transform your interactions with our platform.

What does the new interface deliver?

Our new interface brings a fresh user experience while retaining all the features you love from the previous version. Accessible via a different URL, it offers several noteworthy enhancements:

  • Improved Product Grouping: We’ve reorganised product information for better grouping. This streamlines navigation and makes it easier to find what you need, enhancing your platform experience.

  • Speed & Efficiency: In today’s digital world, faster UI speed is essential. Our UI makeover achieves just that. The new interface is quicker and more efficient, providing rapid responses, smoother interactions and swift access to vital features, boosting productivity.

  • Modern Aesthetic: Our product experience has been refreshed, aligning with Zeotap’s new brand voice. The sleek, contemporary design reflects the modern and robust capabilities of Zeotap CDP.

  • User-Centric Design: Every element of the design has been crafted with you in mind. We’ve listened to your feedback and conducted usability studies to ensure that buttons, menus and other elements cater to your preferences, making your experience better than ever. 

  • Effortless Access and Onboarding: We’ve simplified access control, making permissions management a breeze. Our streamlined onboarding flows also make it easier than ever to get started on the platform.
dashboard in new interface
Reorganised product information for better grouping

Join us live!

Starting September 25th, the new interface will be available, ensuring a seamless migration. We look forward to having more and more of you to experience these improvements. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we remain dedicated to enhancing your user experience.
If you’d like a preview of the new interface, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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