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GDPR & CCPA Compliance: Zeotap CDP Simplifies Data Subject Requests

In an increasingly data-driven world, the importance of data privacy and individual rights cannot be understated. As data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA continue to evolve, businesses face mounting pressure to ensure the security and transparency of customer data. One critical aspect of data privacy is the ability for individuals to exercise their rights through Data Subject Requests (DSRs). In this article, we will explore how Zeotap CDP play a pivotal role in supporting and facilitating DSR features, empowering both businesses and their customers to uphold data privacy rights.

Understanding data subject requests

An individual, referred to as a data subject, has the right to submit a Data Subject Request (DSR) to a company to inquire about the information collected and stored about them or request specific actions concerning their data. DSRs are a fundamental aspect of data privacy regulations, allowing individuals to exercise control over their personal data. Through a DSR, individuals can ask for data deletion, correction of inaccurate information, or opt-out from future data collection. These rights empower individuals to be aware of, access and modify the data collected by organisations, as well as the option to object to certain data processing activities. The rights also include the right to erasure, commonly known as the “right to be forgotten,” and the right to data portability, enabling individuals to receive their personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) empowers data subjects to manage the personal data collected by organisations, referred to as data controllers. Under the GDPR, data subjects are granted specific rights regarding their personal data, including the ability to obtain copies of it, request modifications, restrict processing or request deletion.

Examples of the data subject’s personal data that can be accessed or managed through DSARs include product and service usage data, such as user activity logs, user search requests and query data, as well as data generated by products and services resulting from user or system interactions.

Zeotap CDP’s data subject request capability

As CDPs become essential in navigating the complexities of data management and delivering personalised customer experiences, Zeotap CDP stands out as a leading solution for brands seeking data-driven marketing success. Zeotap CDP’s unique Data Subject Request feature empowers marketers to harness customer data’s full potential while remaining compliant with data privacy regulations like GDPR. By seamlessly integrating diverse customer data sources and creating comprehensive customer profiles, Zeotap’s Customer 360 view provides a holistic perspective of each individual.

Along with Zeotap’s self-service capabilities and bundle of easy-to-use Profile APIs, marketers gain easy access to search, extract, modify and delete customer profiles based on single or multiple attributes. 

  • Data Accessibility: Marketer can look up for customer profiles either through the intuitive interface of the Customer 360 application or through the Read API call. 
  • Data Modification: Marketers can make use of the Write API call to request rectification or updates to their customer data. Zeotap CDP quickly processes these changes, ensuring data accuracy and relevancy. 
  • Data Deletion: Marketers can raise data erasure requests either from the Customer 360 interface or through the Delete API. Zeotap CDP’s platform ensures that the requested data is securely deleted from all relevant databases and systems.

Drive data accessibility requests through an interactive UI or the Read API call

Zeotap empowers marketers with a wide range of self-service capabilities and user-friendly Profile APIs, granting them effortless access to valuable customer data. Through these tools, marketers can seamlessly search, extract and modify customer profiles based on a variety of attributes. This intuitive approach allows marketers to swiftly retrieve specific data sets, enabling them to gain valuable insights and create personalised customer experiences with ease.

To access the data, marketers have two convenient options at their disposal. Firstly, they can utilise the intuitive Customer 360 application interface, designed for user-friendliness and efficient data navigation. Alternatively, marketers can access the data via the Read API call, which facilitates direct and programmatic retrieval of customer profiles. By providing these accessible avenues, Zeotap ensures that marketers can harness the power of customer data quickly and efficiently, driving data-driven marketing success while catering to the diverse needs of their target audience.

Initiate data modification requests through the write API call

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer data, maintaining accurate and relevant information is crucial. Zeotap CDP simplifies data modification for marketers through its efficient Write API call. When marketers need to rectify or update customer data, they can seamlessly request these modifications using the Write API. Zeotap’s CDP quickly processes these changes, ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information is reflected throughout the system.

This agile data modification process plays a pivotal role in enhancing data accuracy and relevancy for marketing efforts. By facilitating quick and precise updates to customer profiles, Zeotap CDP empowers marketers to deliver personalised and targeted campaigns with confidence. Marketers can adapt to changing customer preferences, update contact details, or modify other relevant attributes, ultimately leading to better customer engagement and improved marketing outcomes. 

Effortless compliance with 'Right to erasure': Zeotap CDP's powerful delete functionality

Zeotap CDP offers robust support for the “Right to Erasure” or “Right to Be Forgotten” in compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations. The Delete API enables the permanent deletion of user profiles directly from within the platform. If a user requests the removal of their data, Zeotap CDP allows organisations to initiate deletion requests swiftly and efficiently.

By utilising the Profile API, you can access and review the data attributes associated with a user profile captured by Zeotap CDP. With the Delete functionality, you gain the ability to delete user profiles according to your business needs. Once a deletion request is raised, Zeotap CDP promptly and permanently removes the profile from its system, typically within a couple of hours, ensuring compliance with the “Right to Erasure.” 

Moreover, for even greater efficiency, Zeotap’s Bulk API enhances this capability further. It allows you to raise delete requests for up to 400 unique profiles per request. Once these profiles are deleted, they become unavailable for any downstream consumption or activation. Additionally, a log with reference IDs is maintained, ensuring auditability for future purposes.

Upon deletion of a profile from Zeotap, the supported platform is promptly updated. Furthermore, Zeotap ensures that the dissociation or delete request for the deleted profiles is also communicated and sent accordingly. This powerful combination of the Delete API and Bulk API empowers businesses to respond promptly to “Right to Erasure” requests, aligning with GDPR’s requirement for data subjects to have their personal data erased within 30 days. Zeotap CDP streamlines the process, enabling bulk deletions within just a few hours, thereby reducing effort and overhead while staying compliant with data protection regulations.

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