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Get to Know Your Customer with Zeotap CDP and Google Cloud

Data is the lifeblood of any digital marketing organisation, revealing customer journeys and preferences that help businesses craft the rich, personalised experiences customers have come to expect. The challenge for marketers is not to add to this firehose of data, but rather to capture it effectively across multiple sources, then process and analyse it for actionable insights. 

A customer data platform (CDP) helps marketers meet these challenges by facilitating the collection of customer data from different sources, creating a unified profile of their customers and acting upon it. In this way, a CDP helps brands create efficient data-driven strategies while complying with data privacy regulations.

How Zeotap makes CDP easier

Among CDPs, Zeotap CDP stands out for its ease of use, and the power, scale, and connectivity it gains from Google Cloud’s Data Cloud. Every CDP offers core functionalities, including data integration and unification, segmentation, and orchestration. But Zeotap CDP empowers marketers with an easy-to-use platform that ensures flexible and easier deployment and delivers value quickly — In fact, there are three deployment alternatives you can choose from, depending on your needs.

Zeotap’s intuitive interface is built for marketers, so you can see results in as little as eight weeks; no technical skills required. Perhaps most importantly, Zeotap places consumer privacy and compliance at its core; and since the platform originated in Germany, it has been developed to comply with stringent European regulations.

How our customers benefit from the Zeotap-Google Cloud partnership

As a partner built 100% on Google Cloud with native integrations of its products, as well as Google Ads, Zeotap can offer not only scale and performance, but also additional value and improved customer experience. Here’s a quick look at what this partnership provides: 

  • Faster time to value thanks to one-click deployment and simple configuration, lower latency, and reduced data transfer costs on Google Cloud, including BigQuery and VertexAI. Users can ingest data easily into Zeotap CDP, and they can also feed data back into BigQuery for advanced analytics for example.
  • Cost efficiency and unlimited scalability and security thanks to Google Cloud’s legendary infrastructure, built from the ground up for security at every layer.
  • Simple procurement via Google Cloud Marketplace, effective consumption towards commit, and subsidised implementation. Our CDP can be directly hosted on your Google Cloud instance, so you can take advantage of your committed use discount.
  • Native connectivity between data sources on Google Cloud and Google Ads, automating the full flow of data. Thanks to our CDP capabilities, we increase match rates in Google Ads as well as on other channels.
  • Innovation leadership with early access to the latest Google Cloud developments — including those in artificial intelligence and machine learning — as well as exclusive co-developed modules. Zeotap leverages advanced capabilities of Google Cloud to power new CDP features to ease the use.

Ongoing innovation

Zeotap’s long standing relationship with Google Cloud means that the two partners continue to co-innovate. Our latest effort, part of the “Built with Google Cloud AI” initiative, takes advantage of an advanced generative AI model to provide a conversational interface for audience segmentation. This represents a major step towards making our products even more intuitive for non-technical users. 

Zeotap now uses Google Cloudʼs Gen AI models, via Vertex AI, to power its new Ada AI companion for marketers. Powered by the PaLM-2 model, AdaTM will allow intuitive conversational interfaces for marketers to more easily explore, understand, and activate data in Zeotap CDP for critical tasks, like audience segmentation, analytics, and building customer journeys.

Zeotap’s vision for Ada  goes beyond audience segmentation. The company is highly committed to enhancing user experiences in their CDP by streamlining data integration and empowering customer insights

Take advantage of the next-generation customer data platform

Using Zeotap CDP gives you a powerful layer on top of your data infrastructure, all within the Google Cloud environment. This makes segmentation and activation straightforward and efficient. Faster time to value, seamless integration, efficient and cost-effective data transfers. Together, Zeotap and Google Cloud can give your marketing organisation a leg up in the race to acquire and retain loyal customers by providing them engaging personalised experiences.

To learn more about Zeotap CDP on Google Cloud

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