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Zeotap Profile API: Real-Time Customer Insights for Your CDP

In today’s digital era, consumers expect a highly personalised buying experience. Therefore, for marketers striving to meet consumer expectations and foster long-term relationships, it is critical that they have the right tools to send the right message to the right audience at the right time.

The biggest challenge here is having on-demand, real-time access to customer data as a foundation for delivering a personalised experience. Zeotap CDP’s Profile API feature was built to solve exactly this headache, as it enables you to retrieve customer data from any system whenever you need it.  


Introducing Zeotap CDP’s Profile API

Zeotap CDP’s Profile API feature can query profile attributes or traits, consent purposes or marketing preferences of a customer profile. It enables you to retrieve comprehensive customer information within milliseconds and use this information to drive personalised experiences across any channel. With a response time that is benchmarked 2X faster than the industry standard, businesses querying a single piece of a customer’s identity, for example via the Customer ID, can pull the following information:

  • Profile attributes related to that individual, fully customisable to meet specific needs
  • All the associated business or user-defined segment membership for real-time personalisation
  • Calculated or modelled data for online content recommendations and offers


What does Profile API offer?

Instant access to extensive customer data allows businesses to achieve their customer experience objectives by effortlessly delivering real-time personalisation like website personalisation and product recommendations. The API also aids businesses with profile enrichment, quick discovery and up-to-date profile and consent data for better customer engagement. This, in conjunction, also arms the support staff with real-time information about customer preferences and historical data during support calls. 


Understanding Profile API through simple use cases

Use case #1: Segment membership information

Zeotap CDP’s Segment Membership helps identify the number of segments that a user belongs to and you can fetch this information using the Profile API. As a marketer, it is important to understand a user’s behaviour and patterns. One way to do this is by identifying the various segments that the user is part of. 

Meet John, a marketer with a leading automobile brand, he’s created multiple customer segments based on behaviour, traits and some model attributes. The customer part of the below segments are tagged with relevant segment membership in their customer profile:

  • electric_car_buyer(61203),
  • sustainable_buyers(61250),
  • high_value_customers(61280),
  • tech_affinity_customers(61780)

John wants to focus on users who are keen on making sustainable choices and are also high-value customers. He creates a campaign in their customer care support interface and whenever such customer calls, it displays the relevant offers for these customers in the interface. The customer care representative at the end of the call discusses the offers and gauges the interest of the customer.

Use case #2: Query calculated attributes

Use Profile API to query Calculated Attributes created in Zeotap CDP. Meet Miley, she heads the marketing campaign for the lifestyle section of a leading e-commerce website. Miley has discovered that a large number of customers have lapsed after making their first purchase. Miley is looking to show personalised offers to the lapsed customers with a goal of bringing them back to the purchase cycle. Miley can drive monthly purchases of the users as follows:

  1. Create Calculated attributes that identify the lapsed used in the last 1 month and assign a score to them.
  2. Create a campaign in your personalisation tool for different score range and offers based on their score. You are now all set to serve the right offer to serve based on the visiting user’s profile score.
  3. When a user reaches the website, Zeotap’s Profile API will query the user, fetch the score and pass it to the personalisation tool, which will then show the relevant campaign for that score.


In a Nutshell

Profile API allows you to retrieve customer data from any system in your existing tech stack whenever needed – a foundation for delivering personalised experiences that drives customer happiness.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Zeotap CDP’s Profile API feature can help you, you can request a demo here. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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