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Zeotap July 2023 Update: Product Enhancements

We are excited to present the latest product enhancements for July, designed to enhance your experience with Zeotap CDP and streamline your interactions with the platform. Take advantage of customised and detailed GDPR consent for Google Tag Manager sources. Stay informed about the seamless process when a customer is disqualified from a segment and ensure that the segments are in sync on the activated platforms

Additionally, we introduce a new feature that allows you to delete user profiles according to your business needs, supporting and facilitating Data Subject Rights (DSR) capabilities. These updates will elevate your marketing strategies and position you at the forefront of innovation. Don’t hesitate – begin utilising these new functionalities today to unlock the complete potential of Zeotap CDP.

User Deletion 

What does it do?

Zeotap CDP offers customer deletion, ensuring a seamless process when a customer becomes disqualified from a segment. This feature plays a vital role in keeping segments updated on the activated ad-tech and mar-tech platforms. Automating this process to update segments, significantly reduces manual effort and minimises the risk of potential personal data breaches. You can have peace of mind knowing that customer deletions are handled efficiently, maintaining data accuracy and compliance with data protection regulations.

What does it do?

We have introduced the custom and granular GDPR methods to create Consent Flow for Google Tag Manager sources. 

  • Custom consent: Enabling custom consent empowers you to define explicit and specific consent preferences for different data processing activities. This mechanism grants your businesses greater control and transparency over the customer data, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding data processing. With granular consent options, your customers have the freedom to opt-in or opt-out of specific activities, offering a more personalised approach compared to agreeing to a broad privacy policy or terms of service.
  • Granular GDPR consent: When enabling GDPR Consent through TCF CMP, you can now configure the Purposes parameter for tracking events. This allows you to manage consent for tracking based on a list of purpose IDs that may include storing/accessing information on a device, creating personalised ad profiles, measuring ad/content performance and more. You have the flexibility to modify these options to align with your specific requirements.

What are the benefits?

  • Use for consent orchestration to manage customer consent preferences across multiple channels and touchpoints
  • Extensive coverage of customer consent management offerings provided by Consent Management Platforms like Usercentrics, Didomi and more  
  • Enable more personalised and relevant consent experience based on business’s specific preferences and needs
  • Comply with data protection regulations and avoid fines for non-compliance
  • Get more control over data privacy and security based on your specific business needs and industry regulations

Custom Rule-Based Deletion

What does it do?

Recognising the pivotal role of Zeotap CDP in supporting and enabling Data Subject Rights (DSR) features, we’ve introduced another enhancement that empowers businesses and their customers to uphold data privacy rights effectively. In our segmentation module, a new checkbox labeled “Do you want this segment to delete users from the unified profile in Zeotap?” has been introduced.

This feature provides an additional method for deleting user profiles based on your business requirements. Upon activating the checkbox, the group of users meeting the segment criteria will be removed. Zeotap CDP’s platform ensures the swift and permanent elimination of the user profile cohort from its system, thereby aligning with the principles of the “Right to Erasure.” Once deleted, these profiles are inaccessible for any downstream utilization or activation.

Notably, the UCID of the deleted user profiles remains accessible within the Customer 360 feature. This provision ensures future audits, serving as a valuable resource when seeking information on deleted users.

How does it work?

Here is how custom rule-based deletion works:

  1. Create a segment in Zeotap CDP as per your requirement.
  2. While creating the segment, select the checkbox labelled “Do you want this segment to delete users from the unified profile in Zeotap?“.
  3. Once saved, the group of users meeting the segment criteria are deleted.

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