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How Journey Orchestration Elevates Every Customer Touchpoint

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, customer expectations have shifted towards demanding real-time personalisation at every touchpoint with a brand. Brands aspire to achieve comprehensive control over personalisation throughout their customers’ journey. However, many existing real-time orchestration tools fail to meet these expectations, resulting in challenges for marketers such as outdated or isolated data and limited omnichannel capabilities. Consequently, these issues lead to inefficiencies in marketing resource utilization, suboptimal campaign spending and ultimately, customer frustration with the brand.

Zeotap CDP’s Journey Orchestration feature offers a groundbreaking solution to transform your marketing strategy. With this powerful tool, marketers can enhance their marketing efforts, drive customer engagement and optimise the overall strategy for maximum impact; all while respecting your customers’ consent preferences.

The challenge: Meeting customer expectations for real-time Personalisation

Customers expect seamless, personalised interactions with brands at every turn. Most of the real-time orchestration tools in the market, are plagued by common issues like,

  • Complex, technical user interfaces that hinder marketers’ independence
  • Limited omnichannel capabilities that fail to span multiple platforms effectively
  • Stale or siloed customer data leading to ineffective campaigns

These challenges result in wasted marketing resources, campaign delays and inefficient spending. To top the list, comes customer frustration that can tarnish the overall customer experience.

What Zeotap CDP’s Journey Orchestration platform offers

Zeotap CDP’s real-time journey orchestration platform ensures real-time personalisation across all user touchpoints. It empowers marketers with a visual and intuitive user interface to create highly personalised, cross-channel journeys. By leveraging the unified power of Zeotap CDP’s first-party data, marketers can seamlessly blend real-time customer actions with historical insights. This enables the delivery of the right message to the right user at the right time, fueling impactful and personalised content across multiple platforms.

Key features to ignite your marketing strategy

Here are the powerful features of Zeotap CDP’s journey orchestration platform that simplify omnichannel journey design, enable scalable personalization and provide cross-platform activation capabilities, all while offering valuable insights through workflow traffic analysis.

  • Intuitive UI for Crafting Omnichannel Journeys: Say goodbye to technical headaches. With its intuitive design, marketers can build their dream journeys without the need for extensive technical expertise or support. No coding or tech support required.
  • Scalable Personalisation in a Few Clicks: Create powerful, scalable personalised journeys with ease. Zeotap’s Journey Orchestration enables marketers to deliver personalised experiences to your target audience, in real-time, with just a few clicks.
  • Point-and-Click Journey Design: Cross-channel personalisation made simple. Marketers can easily design and map out customer journeys using Zeotap’s point-and-click journey builder. No complex workflows or technical expertise necessary.
  • Cross-Platform Activation: Seamlessly activate campaigns across advertising, marketing and customer service platforms. Zeotap’s Journey Orchestration allows marketers to send data to any endpoint or API, ensuring that the campaigns reach the right customers, wherever they may be.
  • Real-time Insights: Leverage real-time user actions and behaviour, cross-referencing them with historical data. This invaluable insight enables marketers to make data-driven decisions and deliver personalised content that resonates with individual users, ultimately boosting campaign effectiveness.
  • Consent Management: The platform includes robust features that empower marketing leads to respect and manage customer preferences effectively. By adhering to privacy regulations and obtaining appropriate consent, marketers can confidently execute personalised strategies while maintaining compliance.
  • Personalised Workflow Branching: Divide workflows into targeted branches for personalised customer journeys. With Multi-branch and true-false split options, marketers can customise experiences based on specific conditions, ensuring precise targeting and engagement. 
  • Workflow Traffic Analysis: Gain visibility and assess campaign performance in Zeotap CDP’s journey orchestration platform with Activated Users. Understand the overall traffic reaching your workflow and evaluate effectiveness, while obtaining comprehensive counts of activated users for data-driven decision-making and optimised customer journeys.

How Zeotap CDP orchestrated real-time marketing for a leading FinTech company

Steve, the Head of Marketing at a leading FinTech company, is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and elevating customer engagement. Steve, along with his team of marketers, used Zeotap CDP’s real-time orchestration platform to drive website personalisation as an opportunity to personalise customer experiences.

The FinTech company prioritised prompt and personalised communication with their customers. Through Zeotap CDP Journey Orchestration, Steve’s team of marketers easily integrated real-time data from their systems to personalise the website experience for each prospect. 

By analyzing customers’ browsing behavior, marketers could craft tailored content and product recommendations to align with their interests and intent. Whether it was viewing specific products, adding items to the cart or engaging with certain pages, the marketers crafted emails that aligned with the customer’s interests.

Not just that, Steve recognised the importance of effective retargeting and suppression strategies in optimising marketing campaigns that could be achieved through website personalisation. He directed the marketing team to efficiently re-target customers who had expressed interest but didn’t make a purchase. The team created personalised emails with dynamic content, reminding them of their abandoned cart items and offering exclusive incentives to encourage completing the purchase. 

By focusing on website personalisation, the FinTech company could create a more engaging and tailored experience for prospects without delving into the details of next-page personalisation.


Through Zeotap CDP’s Journey Orchestration, we deliver personalised email experiences that significantly impact customer engagement and satisfaction. By leveraging customer data, we create highly targeted and relevant email communications, resulting in stronger relationships, increased conversions and an enhanced overall customer journey. If you’re interested in exploring how Zeotap CDP’s Journey Orchestration platform can benefit your business, feel free to request a demo here. We’re excited to address any inquiries you may have.

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