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Maximising CDP Project Success: The 3 Key Hurdles

Drawing from years of experience working closely with our clients, we distil invaluable insights into navigating the implementation of a Customer Data Platform (CDP).
While CDPs promise enhanced customer insights, engagement strategies, and marketing efficiency, this transformative journey is frequently punctuated by formidable challenges. In this piece, we delve into strategies for organisations to successfully surmount these common hurdles.

Use-Case Prioritisation: Complexity and Impact Matrix

To drive meaningful outcomes with a CDP, organisations must rigorously prioritise use-cases based on their complexity and potential impact. By developing a matrix that classifies use-cases along these dimensions, businesses can strategically allocate resources and efforts.

  • High-impact, low-complexity use-cases can deliver quick wins and establish early CDP successes.
  • High-complexity use-cases with substantial impact can serve as long-term objectives that require dedicated planning and implementation.

This structured approach ensures that organisations address critical business goals while acknowledging the intricacies involved.

Insufficient Change Management

Change management forms the bedrock of successful CDP implementation. Employees must be guided through the transition, equipped with the knowledge and tools to embrace the new platform effectively. Comprehensive change management strategies encompass:

  • clear communication,
  • tailored training programs,
  • ongoing support mechanisms.

When employees perceive the value of the CDP and are well-prepared for its integration into their workflows, resistance diminishes, and the CDP’s potential is fully realised.

Data Source Prioritisation: Focusing on Relevance

While comprehensive integrations are essential, businesses must also recognise that not all data sources are equally relevant for every use-case. Prioritising data sources based on their relevance to specific use-cases optimises the utilisation of the CDP’s capabilities.
This approach minimises data clutter and ensures that the CDP is fueled with the most pertinent information for generating actionable insights. By aligning data sources with specific objectives, organisations fine-tune their operations and drive results that directly impact business goals.


CDP success transcends the tool selection alone. Strategic approaches are pivotal in surmounting challenges. Begin by prioritising using the Complexity-Impact Matrix, harmonising quick wins and enduring growth objectives. Ignite change management to empower, nurturing preparedness and ownership. Tailor data source prioritisation for precision, honing insights and propelling impactful decisions.
Employ these strategies to unlock CDP’s potential, invigorating customer engagement, operational efficiency, and fostering business growth.


Tibor Stefan Zeotap CROTibor is our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), responsible for overseeing all Go-To-Market (GTM) teams. He began his career at IBM and BMC, gaining valuable sales and marketing experience before making significant contributions to the growth of LzLabs, a Swiss SaaS Startup. At LzLabs, Tibor successfully built and led the GTM teams, establishing the company as a prominent player in the data industry. Having honed his revenue-driving skills and market strategy expertise at IBM and BMC, Tibor’s leadership has been instrumental in creating successful GTM teams at LzLabs.
As CRO, Tibor brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in revenue growth and achieving business objectives. With his extensive experience and expertise, he continues to lead our GTM teams, ensuring that our company’s products and services reach the right customers and generate optimal business outcomes.

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