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Zeotap CDP May 2022 Update: New Key Features

The month of May brings with it an exciting new feature: Source Ingestion Analytics, which provides complete visibility on ingested data. This helps clients understand the status of ingested data sources and to take corrective action in a timely manner if necessary. 

We have also gone live with new integrations:

  • Android SDK for mobile app sources
  • Google Customer Match for Google DV360 (Zeotap CDP is the only European partner of Google Customer Match with this integration!)

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Feature spotlight 

Introducing Source Ingestion Analytics for complete data ingestion visibility

At Zeotap, our clients ingest millions of data records into our platform for profile unification, audience segmentation and activation in marketing and advertising platforms. We know that a key challenge for marketers using a customer data solution is having complete visibility into the status of data ingested, such as visibility on total records ingested vs total records failed. This prompted the build and launch of Source Ingestion Analytics.

What is it?

Source Ingestion Analytics gives you a complete view of your data ingestion lifecycle, right from when file is dropped, resolved and ingested ready for audience segmentation and activation. 

Source Ingestion Analytics offers a quick view to show:

  • Total records received by source
  • Total records in progress
  • Total records ingested
  • Total records failed
  • Ingestion efficiency
  • Last ingested date and time – displays the last date and time when the data was ingested and available for activation
  • A visual representation of the records received vs in progress, vs failed vs ingested and trends over time
  • A downloadable data source report on ingestion health and source status

See screenshot of Source Ingestion Analytics below:

Source Ingestion Analytics

For existing Zeotap CDP customers: the data contained within the Source Ingestion Analytics dashboard reflects the count from March 7, 2022 (beta release).

What are the benefits?

  • Complete visibility on data sources and customer records ingested into Zeotap CDP through intuitive graphs and charts
  • Faster identification and resolution of ingestion-related issues

User stories

Below are two common user stories to demonstrate the value of the new Source Ingestion Analytics feature:

User story #1: Data source monitoring

Jane, a data solutions architect, wants to understand the ingestion progress of her different data sources into Zeotap CDP. Jane simply navigates to the Source Report section of Zeotap CDP and clicks to view the graph. She can now see the regular flow of data and can also check the file-drop listing to track the drop schedule.

User story #2: Ingestion failure visibility

John, a marketing manager, wants to perform identity resolution on an audience segment to transform unknown website visitors into known users. John starts by dropping the file into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). He navigates to the Source Report section within Zeotap CDP to confirm if the file was received correctly and finds that the ingestion failed. John looks for the problem in the ingestion log, which shows an incorrect value in the date column: it does not match the format defined in the Data Catalog. John is able to take the necessary action to fix the error in the file and ensure the data is successfully ingested. John confidently proceeds with creating an audience segment ready for identity resolution.

New integrations

With over 150+ integrations, we are continuously adding new ones to extend our customer’s reach. Two big-ticket integrations for Zeotap CDP have gone live this month… 

Android SDK

Android SDK is a natively-built data collection module that enables a client to send user events from Android apps to Zeotap CDP. Android SDK is designed to support all Android devices and tablets.

With Android SDK, we have enabled marketers to collect and ingest Android app data into Zeotap CDP. This SDK simplifies the process of sending data to marketing tools, such as a CDP, as there is no requirement to implement a new API every time. Here’s how it looks in the platform:

Android SDK Data Source

Once integrated, the Android SDK tracks events, page visit information, user logins and any other information related to the product or services offered on the app. This data can then be made actionable by creating audience segments based on user insights and targeting them on their preferred apps.

For existing Zeotap CDP customers, in order to to integrate Android SDK with mobile apps please follow the instructions provided in the implementation guide within the Help Centre. 

Google Customer Match integration enhanced to include Google DV360

Zeotap is one of only five Google Customer Match partners worldwide who have an integration with Google’s Display & Video 360 (Google DV360) and we are the only partner in Europe! Here’s the proof (taken from Google Help Center – link at the foot of the blog):

The enhancement to our Google Customer Match integration enables marketers to use online and offline first-party data to reach and re-engage with customers that are also Google users. Google Customer Match is available for activation across Display, Video, YouTube, and Gmail in Google DV360. Zeotap CDP already supports Google Ads within Customer Match.  

This serves as a useful advertising tool for marketers targeting both new and existing customers in Google products, as use cases range from increasing brand awareness to driving conversions.

For existing Zeotap CDP customers, there is no change to how you can use Google Customer Match in Zeotap CDP, as you just need to simply add your Google DV360 Seat ID in order to get started. However, to find out more about the enhancement to Google Customer Match, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will be very happy to hear from you. 

You can also read about Zeotap’s full list of Google Customer Match capabilities here.

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