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Zeotap CDP May 2023 Update: Seamless Integrations

We’re thrilled to announce the latest updates for the month of May, designed to seamlessly integrate Zeotap CDP into your applications. Now, you can take advantage of Google BigQuery Service Accounts in your Google BigQuery data source, support for high-cardinality fields in Segment Estimator, integration with Linkedin and custom granular consent for Adobe Experience Platform Tag Extension. These updates will help you enhance your marketing strategies and stay one step ahead. Don’t wait—start utilising these new features today and harness the true power of Zeotap CDP.

Google Service Account and Delta Query  

What does it do?

We have introduced flexibility for businesses to use either their own or Zeotap’s service account when using Google BigQuery (GBQ) as a data source. Businesses can make use of their own or Zeotap’s service account to authenticate and authorise access to resources and services within the GBQ system. Not just this, we also let them determine whether they want to include data deltas within a dataset during a specific timeframe. While creating a Google BigQuery source, you now have the option to choose between the Customer or Zeotap service account. You also have the option to choose whether you want to include data deltas or not. Take a look at the image below for reference.

What are the Benefits?

Below are the benefits that come with the two significant changes that we have made.
  • Significantly reduce expenses associated with query processing (or) network calls in BigQuery by using Zeotap’s service account instead of their own
  • Support for data deltas reduces the issues of redundancy and ensures data consistency and timely updates of changes over a specific time period


What does it do?

Integrating LinkedIn Matched Audiences with Zeotap CDP enables businesses and marketers to create powerful audiences in LinkedIn through Zeotap based on attributes that they have ingested through their siloed sources. Zeotap CDP effectively collects and consolidates customer data from diverse sources, forming a unified and enriched user profile. This comprehensive profile serves as the foundation for creating customised audience segments. By leveraging these segments, businesses can deliver personalised ads to their existing customers, prospects or specific target groups, resulting in highly relevant and captivating advertising experiences.

How it works?

Here is how the integration works between Zeotap and LinkedIn:
  1. Create a destination for LinkedIn by going through the authorisation process.
  2. Create a segment in Zeotap CDP using sha-256 hashed emails and MAID (Google AID) 
  3. Push the segment to the LinkedIn destination you created.
  4. The segment appears under the Matched Audiences section of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager console and can be used for advertising.

What are the Benefits?

  • Seamless user removal when a user is disqualified from a segment within Zeotap CDP keeping the LinkedIn Matched Audience in sync 
  • Automatic custom audience updates and creation to achieve the most up-to-date audience for targeting 
  • Ingest data across varied sources (website, app, data warehouse and more) not limited to a single platform resulting in highly accurate and precise targeting capabilities

Segment Estimator High-Cardinality Identifiers Support

What does it do?

With Zeotap CDP’s Segment Size Estimator feature, marketers can now estimate the size of their segments through an intuitive panel on the platform. This enables them to make prompt decisions during segment creation, editing or viewing, thus eliminating the need to wait until the process is complete. The accuracy of these estimations can be as high as 95%. This gives them the capability to tweak and adjust their segment logic on the fly while creating segments and optimise their targeting strategies and campaigns in real-time.

What are the Benefits?

  • Faster segment estimation reduces the time and resources required for analysis
  • Enhanced segmentation capabilities allows creation of more granular and targeted audience segments based on estimates
  • Improved personalisation and tailored messaging for different customer segments increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Custom Granular Consent for Adobe Experience Platform Tag Extension 

What does it do?

We have introduced the custom granular method to create Consent Flow for Adobe Experience Platform Tag Extension. Custom granular consent refers to a consent mechanism that allows users to define their own method by including explicit and specific consent for different types of data processing activities.  With custom granular consent, businesses now have more control and transparency over their customer data and can make informed decisions about how their data is processed. By providing granular consent options, users can choose to opt-in or opt-out of specific data processing activities, rather than having to agree to a blanket privacy policy or terms of service.

How it works?

Custom Granular Consent has two consent signals.
  • The “track” consent signal allows tracking and recording of user activities. 
  • The “identify” consent signal is used for user matching and third-party enrichment.
Based on the business’s need, they can request custom granular consent for different types of data processing activities such as,
  • Behavioural tracking: Involves collecting data on user behavior, such as pages visited and time spent on site, to personalise content and advertising
  • Email marketing: Involves sending promotional emails to users based on their interests and preferences
  • Third-party data sharing: Involves sharing user data with third-party partners for advertising or analytics purposes
  • Location tracking: Involves collecting and processing user location data to provide location-based services or advertising

What are the Benefits?

  • Use for consent orchestration to manage user consent preferences across multiple channels and touchpoints
  • Enable more personalised and relevant consent experience based on the business’s specific preferences and needs
  • Comply with data protection regulations and avoid fines for non-compliance
  • Get more control over data privacy and security based on your specific business needs and industry regulations

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