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Zeotap CDP October 2022 Update: New Key Features

Zeotap CDP continues to make significant investments in providing capabilities that allow customers to integrate the power of our CDP into their existing applications. This month, we bring you some exciting new API features and a new source integration: 

  • Enhancements to Profile API for more granular audience segment information and a new profile deletion capability for easy GDPR compliance
  • Server-to-server API to allow customers to bring in their data from a variety of sources and support integrations via webhooks 
  • Snowflake integration to allow customers to bring in bulk data from data warehouses 

Feature spotlight 

Profile API

What is it?

Profile API can be used to query profile attributes or traits, consent purposes or marketing preferences of a user profile. It can be used to provide personalised experiences for your users across any channel.

The following are some of the use cases that Profile API can support:

  • Website personalisation
  • Product recommendation
  • Profile enrichment
  • Profile and consent data for customer engagement

We have made significant changes to the capabilities of Zeotap CDP’s Profile API to provide rich information about the user profiles. New functionality as follows:

Segment Membership Information


Zeotap CDP’s Segment Membership helps identify the number of segments that a user belongs to. You can fetch this information using the Profile API.


As a marketer, it is important to understand a user’s behaviour and patterns. One way to do this is by identifying the various segments that the user is part of. 

For example, assume that a brand created the following segments:

  • electric_car_buyer(61203),
  • sustainable_buyers(61250),
  • high_value_customers(61280),
  • tech_affinity_customers(61780)

The brand could use these various segments though Zeotap CDP’s extended data capabilities. As a marketer, if you are focusing on a particular user profile, it would be essential for you to identify which of these segments the user belongs to. You can query the user profile via Zeotap CDP’s Profile API and identify the segments using the Segment Membership attribute.


Using any of the persistent, immutable identifiers, you can fetch a list of segments that a user is a part of for a better understanding of that user. 

Delete Functionality to Support ‘Right-to-Erasure’ Requests


Zeotap CDP’s Delete API allows you to delete a user profile permanently from the system directly from within the platform. 


Zeotap is committed to the compliance regulations of GDPR and CCPA towards Right to be Forgotten or Right to Erasure and has introduced an API to initiate deletion requests for user profiles. As per GDPR, a user can ask an organisation that holds data about the user to delete that data. 

Using our Profile API, you can query a user profile and view the various data attributes that Zeotap CDP has captured against it. With the Delete functionality introduced, you can now delete a user profile as per your business need. Zeotap CDP permanently deletes the profile from its system within a couple of hours. 


Ability to delete user profiles remotely, using the Delete API to comply with GDPR’s Right to Erasure terms.

Query Calculated Attributes


We have extended the Profile API’s capability to query Calculated Attributes created in Zeotap CDP.


Assume that as a brand, you find that new customers have lapsed after the first purchase. To drive the monthly purchases of your users, you can do as follows:

  • Create Calculated Attributes – To track the purchase for the last two months and last one month respectively.
  • Action the Calculated Attributes – In a Connect segment or through a real-time orchestrated workflow
  • Deliver desired solution – When revisiting your site, display personalised offer to the user

Once the Calculated Attributes are created and actioned, you can query the user profile via the Profile API. In addition to the user profile information, the Profile API fetches the Calculated Attributes that you have created.

  • Enriched customer insights
  • Time-sensitive segmentation
  • Personalisation and conversion

New Feature 

Server-to-Server API

What is it?

Zeotap CDP’s Server-to-Server HTTP API lets you send user, event, page, device and consent data from any website or application into Zeotap CDP.

You can create a source for server-to-server data transfer under the HTTP API source. The server-to-server data must be tied to at least one identifier, preferably the client’s first-party user ID.

How it works

Zeotap CDP provides an easy-to-use JSON body structure. As a client, you need to create the request in required format and hit the endpoint in order to ingest the user, event, page, device and consent data from your third-party or internal tools. The data can be sent in real-time or batch mode.

The Benefits

  • Offline conversions – When tracking the delivery lifecycle of a product offline through a third-party tool and storing various checkpoints of the delivery like packed, shipped or delivered, you can integrate this API to ingest all data in no time. 
  • Security – When working in a restricted environment and not allowed to load any third-party web snippet or install third-party SDKs or services, you can use the HTTP API to ingest data.
  • Batch ingestion – You want your application to reduce API calls to Zeotap CDP and batch the events data. Here you can use the Batch functionality of REST API.

See screenshot of the Server-to-Server HTTP API below:

New integration


The Snowflake integration allows clients to ingest their customer data into Zeotap CDP by directly connecting to their source data residing in Snowflake.

What is it?

We have a new source category in Collect called Data Warehouse. Snowflake is the first addition to Data Warehouse. Now users can securely ingest data from their Snowflake account to Zeotap CDP.

Zeotap CDP brings simplicity to your data onboarding process by letting you connect directly to your source data residing in Snowflake. With our Sync Frequency feature you can also set the frequency with which you want to auto-update the data to Zeotap CDP. 

How it works

  • Onboard – Create a Snowflake source and onboard data from the Snowflake tables
  • Auto-update – Set auto-update frequency for the date in Zeotap CDP
  • Segment – Select the user traits and attributes in Connect to create segments
  • Activate – Activate users across channels for personalised targeting

The benefits

The Snowflake integration comes with the following benefits:

  • Capability to analyse data from web, mobile and other data sources in a single place
  • Hassle free integration in just a few clicks
  • Ability to query data in real-time 
  • Automated sync frequency to update data to Zeotap CDP
  • Data is onboarded in a secure and compliant manner

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