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Simplify data-driven customer engagement with Zeotap CDP and Batch

In the dynamic digital world of today, delivering personalised and timely messages to customers across multiple channels is crucial for businesses aiming to boost engagement and nurture enduring connections. Through the integration of Batch, a renowned customer engagement platform, with Zeotap Customer Data Platform (CDP), brands can now tap into real-time data insights to craft hyper-personalised experiences that deeply resonate with  audiences.

Introducing Batch

Batch is a Customer Engagement Platform empowering brands to personalize and automate communications across email, SMS, mobile push, in-app messaging and web push

Central to the Batch experience is detailed customer data integration. By leveraging app and website user behavior to create segments and trigger campaigns, Batch ensures that campaigns are tailored and effective.

Batch has a proven track record of advanced and native integrations with numerous MarTech tools, including Zeotap.

The Joint Value Proposition

One of the common reasons why personalisation does not work well is due to complex marketing stack with various tools and  lack of unified data. You might gather a lot of data from various channels but hit a roadblock while combining it to derive actionable insights. The lack of enriched data impacts the personalisation strategy.

That’s why Batch has partnered with Zeotap CDP to build a bi-directional integration that simplifies personalisation for omnichannel marketing. Zeotap CDP offers seamless integration with Batch, enabling the ingestion of customer data and providing a diversity of destinations for cross channel activation and personalised journey orchestration. This bi-directional integration allows customer identifiers in bulk and enriched unified customer profiles in Zeotap CDP to flow to Batch, and vice versa. By leveraging Batch’s omnichannel communication platform and multiple engagement capabilities alongside Zeotap CDP’s enriched unified profiles, brands can enhance communication and further analyse their customers’ behaviour. Thus empowering brands to deliver real-time, personalised messages through push notifications, email marketing, and more across mobile and web platforms.

How it Works

Zeotap CDP offers a comprehensive view of your customers, merging both online and offline data to create highly targeted segments that resonate on a deeply personal level. When combined with Batch’s comprehensive communication platform tailored for mobile apps, empowering brands to personalize and automate push notifications, in-app messaging, and web push campaigns, brands gain the ability to deliver customised messages across a wide range of channels and devices, significantly amplifying the impact of your campaigns.

Now that you have a brief overview of the solution, let’s understand how it works.

Data Ingestion via Batch Sources
Leveraging Batch’s Customer Engagement Platform integration with Zeotap CDP, brands can capture a multitude of data points in batches. These include Custom User IDs, Installation IDs and Advertising IDs.

Profile Unification and Segment Formation
Zeotap CDP utilises the acquired data to meticulously construct comprehensive and accurate user profiles for each customer. These profiles, enriched with diverse attributes, serve as the foundation for creating segments within Zeotap CDP’s Audience module.

Activation on Batch Platform
Once segments are created within Zeotap CDP, they can be seamlessly activated on Batch platforms integrated with Zeotap CDP. This activation is facilitated using more than just one Batch defined IDs like Custom User IDs, Installation IDs and Advertising IDs ensuring precise targeting and personalised engagement.

Zeotap CDP integrates with Batch CEP

How it Benefits you

  • Elevate engagement with highly personalised experiences: Harness customer behaviour and preferences to craft tailored campaigns that enhance engagement.
  • Optimise ROI with actionable customer insights: Develop a better understanding of your customers through a holistic perspective and leverage this insight to make informed decisions.
  • Harness real-time engagement for optimal impact: Drive customer interaction and increase transactions by delivering precise messages to the appropriate audience at the right time.

Understanding the Integration with a Use Case

Imagine a leading retailer aiming to enhance its customer engagement strategy across mobile and email channels. By teaming up with Batch and Zeotap CDP, this retail powerhouse seeks to deliver precise messages to its diverse customer base, driving increased satisfaction, conversions, and retention rates.

Challenges Faced

Like many brands, the retailer has various sources for customer data, starting from their website, app, and in-store point of sale outlets. The retailer also uses Batch as one of their customer engagement platforms that captures bulk data in the form of identifiers like Install_ID, Custom_ID, and Advertising_ID. They often encounter hurdles in accessing the most up-to-date and accurate audience information to inform their marketing campaigns. Timely data access is crucial to ensure precision in campaign execution and deliver real-time updates.

What They Want to Achieve

The retailer aspires to target communications based on customer product preferences and buying behavior (examples : “user has made several purchases in the Organic section over the past 3 months”or else), leveraging personalised messaging to engage the user efficiently with targeted, relevant messages. Additionally, they aim to run push notification and email campaigns through Batch, reaching customers on various platforms with relevant content tailored to their interests.

The Solution

  1. Integrate multiple sources: Zeotap CDP empowers the retailer to ingest bulk data from their website, app and POS source along with the Batch Customer Engagement Platform.
  2. Build audiences: Leverage the unified customer profile created by Zeotap to craft audience segments by linking them to attributes in Batch for multi-channel activation.
  3. Customised campaigns: Through Zeotap CDP’s integration with Batch, the retailer can push notifications using the Custom User IDs, Installation IDs and Advertising IDs, ensuring tailored messaging for maximum impact.
  4. Orchestrate user journey: Build journeys to qualify users based on their real-time events, subsequently activating them through Batch to implement more targeted activation strategies.

By harnessing the power of Batch’s customer engagement platform integrated with Zeotap CDP, the leading retailer is able to leverage customer engagement through personalised messaging, real-time data insights, and seamless activation across platforms. 

For specific information about Batch, click here. Our team is prepared to explain to you the intricacies of this integration. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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