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Maximise Data Efficiency with Zeotap CDP Custom Transformers 

Data coming into a CDP is captured from disparate platforms and interfaces in a format that they recognise and accept data. Early on, Zeotap CDP identified the necessity of data transformers to address this challenge. Our CDP platform incorporates commonly used standard data transformers, allowing for easy usability by the Marketer at various stages. However, in some cases, the incoming data may require custom transformation that goes beyond the capabilities of standard data transformers. Zeotap CDP recognises that data scenarios extend beyond standard formats, which is why we provide a range of custom transformers for you to select from. In this blog, we will familiarise you with our custom transformers and demonstrate how they simplify the process of data standardisation. Discover how these they effortlessly simplify the intricate process of data standardisation, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

A brief about the standard data transformers

To ensure that the incoming data is standardised, Zeotap CDP recognises the diverse sources and formats of incoming data. Our CDP platform incorporates commonly used standard data transformers, such as country enricher, timestamp enricher, and value-mapper enricher, among others. These standard transformers are plugged in to make the data onboarding seamless and standardised. With the standard data transformers enabled in the data onboarding process, we allow you to ingest data in any form giving you the flexibility to define the strandardised format through our easy-to-use interface.  Whether the incoming data is in a non-standard format or complex for downstream systems, our standard data transformers bridge the gap and ensure compatibility. They play a vital role in facilitating data transformation, making it readily accessible for marketers while streamlining the data onboarding process. 

Recognising that data scenarios extend beyond standard formats, Zeotap CDP goes above and beyond by providing a diverse set of custom transformers for you to explore. Rest assured, we understand the dynamic nature of data and offer a comprehensive selection of custom transformers to cater to your specific needs. With this expansive toolkit at your disposal, you can effortlessly navigate through the complexities of non-standard formats and confidently transform your data with precision and efficiency. 

Empowering Brands with Zeotap’s Custom Transformers

Zeotap CDP understand the intricacies involved in custom transformations and offers an open playground of directives specifically designed for your unique transformation use cases.

For instance, let’s consider a situation where the currency in your business’s system follows the European format, which uses a decimal comma. However, downstream systems and platforms will understand the standard format, which uses a decimal point. In this scenario, you can use a custom transformer to convert the currency to the required format, ensuring compatibility with the downstream systems.

By offering custom transformers and a variety of directives, Zeotap CDP empowers you to tailor your data transformations to suit your specific needs. 


How it works

A directive for custom data transformation is a specific instruction or set of instructions that define how data should be modified or transformed to meet specific requirements. It provides guidance on how to convert or process data from one format to another, apply calculations or algorithms, filter or sort data or perform any other custom operations to achieve the desired output. 

Zeotap CDP’s directives for custom data transformation are made available right up in the data onboarding process where you can choose to enrich your incoming data according to specific business needs or system requirements. 

While it may sound technical, it’s similar to choosing columns and defining the format you want to see the data in those columns. Zeotap CDP’s user-friendly interface simplifies this technical task, making it easy to achieve the desired data format with just a few clicks.

Our comprehensive collection of custom transformers encompasses a wide range of directives, including parsing, popular transformations like case change, find & replace and split separator. Additionally, our transformers offer functionalities such as encoder & decoders, date-time transformations, hashing & masking transformations, column operations and a variety of transient aggregators & setters. Experience the limitless possibilities of data transformation with our diverse set of custom transformers.

You have the freedom to choose a single directive or combine multiple directives to define the exact format you want for your incoming data. This level of customisation empowers you to adapt and optimise your data workflows based on your specific business needs or system requirements.

Maximise the potential of these custom transformers to optimise your data workflows according to your unique business needs and system requirements. Schedule a demo now and embark on a journey towards data-driven success with Zeotap CDP.

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