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Driving Business Growth With Modern Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

The last couple of years have witnessed a significant transformation in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) landscape. As businesses embrace omnichannel strategies and digital commerce, effectively managing the ever-growing customer data silos has become paramount. To tackle this challenge head-on, companies must embrace modern CDP technologies that enable real-time data processing, comprehension, and activation, empowering them to make customer-centric decisions.

The result? 
Personalised experiences across all customer touch points, enhancing engagement, fostering loyalty, and driving revenue growth.

In this era of digital business transformation, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of data-driven approaches. Customer Data Technologies are now viewed as growth catalysts and productivity enhancers, rather than mere cost centres. According to Spiceworks’ Ziff Davis 2023 report, most companies are committed to increasing their technology budgets, with data and business analytics, along with customer experience technologies, emerging as the primary drivers of technology investment, poised to deliver tangible results.

Data-driven organisations are reaping substantial benefits across various business metrics, with a remarkable threefold increase in revenue growth, as highlighted in a recent whitepaper by IDC (International Data Corporation). Additionally, they are three times more likely to achieve faster time-to-market and twice as likely to report improvements in profits, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

However, challenges persist in the form of data accessibility and security concerns, as revealed in the 2023 State of Data Engineering Survey by Immuta. An overwhelming 90% of respondents stated that their organisations miss out on business opportunities due to data access challenges. This underscores the need for IT and marketing departments to adopt a data-first approach to digital innovation, revolutionising revenue generation and transforming organisations.

To deliver highly personalised experiences throughout the entire customer journey, leveraging a CDP that integrates data from diverse channels is crucial. This comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour enables effective data evaluation and activation. By harnessing the full potential of a CDP, brands can overcome the challenges posed by ever-evolving consumer expectations, propelling themselves ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, the CDP landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and its future lies in the power of data. Organisations that invest in CDP-related systems and technologies are witnessing remarkable improvements across multiple business metrics. With the right strategy in place, companies can unlock customised experiences across every customer interaction, elevating customer engagement, fostering loyalty, and driving substantial revenue growth. It is the joint responsibility of IT and marketing departments to spearhead this data-first approach to digital innovation and lead the way towards a future of customer-centric decision-making.


Tibor Stefan Zeotap CROTibor is our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), responsible for overseeing all Go-To-Market (GTM) teams. He began his career at IBM and BMC, gaining valuable sales and marketing experience before making significant contributions to the growth of LzLabs, a Swiss SaaS Startup. At LzLabs, Tibor successfully built and led the GTM teams, establishing the company as a prominent player in the data industry. Having honed his revenue-driving skills and market strategy expertise at IBM and BMC, Tibor’s leadership has been instrumental in creating successful GTM teams at LzLabs.

As CRO, Tibor brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in revenue growth and achieving business objectives. With his extensive experience and expertise, he continues to lead our GTM teams, ensuring that our company’s products and services reach the right customers and generate optimal business outcomes.

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