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Maximise Marketing Impact With Zeotap CDP Audience Insights

Measuring the success of your targeted content distribution strategy is important in order to understand what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments as needed. Gaining insights into audience behaviour is essential for marketers aiming to develop strategic and impactful marketing plans. Beyond surface-level metrics, understanding how the target audience engages with various marketing initiatives is crucial for success. Delve into this blog to know how the two features of Zeotap CDP’s Audiences product – Audience Overlap and Audience Metrics, provides valuable data to marketers helping them make informed decisions and refine their overall marketing strategy. These insights empower marketers to make data-driven decisions, not only optimising ongoing marketing initiatives but also shaping the broader marketing landscape.

Elevate Decision-Making with Real-Time Data for Enhanced Audience Segmentation

From tracking the impact of campaigns on brand awareness to understanding the effectiveness of different channels in driving traffic and conversions, audience insights provide a comprehensive view. This holistic approach allows marketers to continuously improve results, adapt strategies based on real-time data and align marketing efforts with the evolving expectations of the target audience. 

In the era of customer-centricity, delivering personalised offers and experiences is paramount to retaining clientele. The shift toward hyper-personalisation drives the need for a shift from generic audience segments and a move towards individualised insights.

Streamlining audience segmentation and hyper-personalisation demands agility. No-code applications empower marketers to access and analyse data independently, eliminating dependencies on data scientists or IT. Tailoring experiences based on unique user behaviours, preferences and attitudes is crucial. Delve deeper into user actions to answer critical questions, such as which content, offer or user action leads to the most conversions and which in-app actions foster the most loyal users. This nuanced approach ensures a more profound connection with customers, surpassing generic interactions.

Audience Insights offered by Zeotap CDP

Crafting optimal segments for marketing campaigns is a time-intensive task, demanding substantial efforts from marketing team members like audience and campaign managers who delve into audience attribute data to validate existing segments and explore opportunities for new ones. Zeotap CDP’s new Audience product did make segment creation straightforward; however, understanding how segments evolved with the addition of filtering criteria posed a challenge. Marketers had to resort to external BI tools to generate segment dashboards, a process that was time-consuming and involved guesswork, especially when experimenting with new segments.

The introduction of Audience Insights within the Audience product marks a significant shift in this process. Marketers can leverage two features to seamlessly visualise the impact of the audience segments. The first, Audience Overlap, helps marketers understand the percentage of shared customers between two audience segments. The second, Audience Trends, offers real-time audience dynamics based on your audience as per the refresh frequency. Both these features ensure effortless activation across top ad-tech and mar-tech platforms, ensuring your message reaches the right audience at precisely the right moment through the most effective channels.


What is Audience Overlap?

You are a marketer navigating the complexities of customer segmentation. Consider a scenario where Audience A comprises 1000 qualified customers and Audience B consists of 300 qualified customers. Audience overlap, in this context, denotes the percentage of customers shared between Audience A and B—those customers belonging to both audiences. This understanding provides valuable insights into customer behaviour. 

Audience A’s 1000 qualified customers are being targeted on Facebook. Simultaneously, Audience B is created with partially similar criteria, resulting in a total of 1500 qualified customers, intended for Facebook targeting as well. As a conscientious marketer, your apprehension revolves around ad spending efficiency and preserving customer loyalty amidst potential frustration from repetitive ads. By employing the Audience Overlap feature, you discover a 90% overlap, gaining insights into the shared customers. This informed decision-making process allows you to assess whether activating Audience B on Facebook is worthwhile, thereby optimising marketing spend and preserving a positive customer experience. 

Let us consider another scenario. Audiences A and B are defined by distinct filter criteria, with Audience A focusing on customers browsing grocery and baby products, while Audience B centers around those exploring and purchasing kitchen appliances. Unaware of the underlying dynamics, you leverage the audience overlap feature to reveal a high overlap, indicating a strong correlation between customers purchasing kitchen appliances and expressing interest in baby products. These insights provide you with a nuanced understanding, empowering you to tailor messages effectively and resonate with the shared interests of the target audience.

Audience Overlap in Zeotap CDP's Audience Module

What is Audience Trends?

This is real-time insights of your audience as per the refresh frequency. Experience up-to-the-minute insights into your audience, aligning with the designated refresh frequency. The count of qualified customers dynamically updates with the inflow of new data and qualifying criteria for the audience segment, corresponding to the configured refresh frequency. Zeotap facilitates a retrospective analysis of your audience over the past 30, 60, or 90 days.

Within the platform, a trend graph is presented, depicting the timeline of audience refresh on the X-axis and the volume of unique customers qualifying for your audience or the number of output identifiers being sent to a destination, on the Y-axis. It’s noteworthy that these insights encompass customers who may have been disassociated from the audience due to evolving qualifying criteria, providing a holistic perspective on audience dynamics.

Trends of an Audience in Zeotap CDP

For businesses seeking to optimise their marketing efforts and harness the power of data, Audience Insights offered by Zeotap CDP provides real-time insights to marketers into how their segments evolve, fostering more informed and efficient decision-making throughout the segmentation process. Reach out to us at [email protected] and discover how Zeotap CDP’s robust segmentation capabilities can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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