How Breuninger boosts sales with 46% higher basket value using Zeotap CDP

Thanks to Zeotap CDP, Breuninger increased its average e-commerce basket value up to 46%, besides improving its overall marketing efficiency and revenue.

How Virgin Media O2 Saves £1M With Zeotap CDP

Thanks to Zeotap CDP, Virgin Media O2 saved £1 million direct budget on paid media in one year, while bringing more new customers in return. It was able to suppress 70% of existing customers from its digital campaign and decreasing the cost per order by 37%, while increasing the conversion rate with re-invested budget up to 43%.

Unidad Editorial enables greater efficiency and grows customer spend with Zeotap CDP

Through Zeotap CDP, Unidad Editorial was able to replace a manual process with the automatic segmentation of customer attributes and activation of those segments, increasing the efficiency and the CTR by 33.95%.

Mercedes-Benz achieves 175% higher CTR by streamlining paid acquisition

Thanks to Zeotap Mercedes increased by 175% the CTR on their paid acquisition campaigns.
The car manufacturer saw a major uplift across its main KPIs.

How Nissan Achieved 43% Media Savings for New Car Model Promotion with Zeotap CDP

Learn how the global car manufacturer improved the targeting of its acquisition campaigns and created the conditions for higher conversion rates onsite.

Nestlé achieves 2x click-through rate with the help of deterministic data

By building deterministic lookalike and high-quality audience segments with Zeotap CDP, Nestlé achieved a 2x increase in CTR, as well as a decrease in bounce rate.

How a Mobile Bank Cuts Acquisition Costs With Zeotap CDP

By implementing Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform, the bank was able to increase its marketing efficiency while spending less to acquire new customers. With its complete and unified view of customer data, the bank is now better equipped to create new target audiences and reach existing ones with more relevant offers and messaging.

Global bank refines customer acquisition strategy and yields 50% match rate

Exceptional customer care, thank to and advanced data enrichment
In addition to delivering a stronger acquisition strategy, the CIP delivered a 50% match rate, with a total of 60 million profiles enriched in the process.

UK-based Tier-1 telecom company reduces TCO by $1M by unifying siloed data

By unifying its siloed data across its 20 legacy systems into one single customer view, the telecom company was able to transform customer reach on an omnichannel scale, achieving a 30% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

EU-based Tier-1 insurance company sees 5.5% upsell lift

By unifying, enhancing and activating its customer data, the insurance company achieved a 5.5% incremental upsell lift, generated as an average across a few of the company’s touchpoints.