2 Awards for Zeotap at the i-Com Global Including One From Fmcg-Giant Unilever

We are sure you would agree: It’s one thing to get telco data and it’s another to actually monetize it. And while the latter is certainly also a question of having privacy-by-design technology, a good network and business model, ultimately it is all a question of desirability. In other words: just how much do advertisers actually want and need the data? Since we signed up many more telecoms than expected in the last months and also did first successful test campaigns with advertisers such as Mercedes Benz and UNICEF before starting our large-scale rollout, it seemed like the right time to deliver a graspable answer to that question.

And what better place to find out than at iCom Global, the world’s leading Marketing Data & Measurement Strategy Conference with over 400 data executives from the world’s biggest agencies and brands. So last month we headed off to Seville, Spain, to dance some data flamenco with the advertising world and serve the audience some tapas-sized bits of what we achieved so far and what is possible with telco data to see how they would react.

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What does telco data have to do with elephants, windmills, Amazon warehouses and cool brands that hang out in gardens? Find out.

And let us tell you: the response was overwhelming! Initially selected out of 60 applicants, zeotap won 2 awards in a fully-packed candle-lit gala dinner right at the famous Plaza De España: The Mobile Award and the Special Corporate Award by Unilever, the world’s second largest brand spender. The charming thing about the Unilever recognition is that it comes with a participation in Unilever’s Foundry50 innovation program and a spot at the Cannes Lions Festival – the ad industry’s Oscars taking place in June at the southern coast of France. 3000 companies applied so far for Unilever’s Foundry program – and the company gives it’s last spot each year away at the iCom Global. And since there are no better compliments than those made by customers, here are some of the things Olivia Kolo from Sky UK said about zeotap’s value proposition as a direct spontaneous feedback from a possible client.

Olivia Kolo, Sky UK

“This is an amazing proposition, absolutely amazing. I think it opens up the door for what is called premium inventory. It opens up that door for advertisers on mobile. This could allow us to create more customer-centric creative. The mobile is the most personal device. The opportunity is literally endless. Also the global targeting opportunity if you have telcos in different countries. The targeting possibilities are phenomenal.”
So what does this mean? It means telcos are on the right track and their efforts will pay off. Advertisers and literally all players on the mobile advertising playing field are lining up to make use of the data which after all can contribute to a more healthy overall mobile ecosystem. Have a successful week and reach out if you want to talk everything telco data or start a campaign with us.

Daniel, Stephan & Projjol

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