Digiday and Zeotap Bring to Life a Publisher Opportunity for Short Term Revenue

Zeotap is helping Digiday publishers get through COVID19 with a partnership opportunity that will generate additional short term revenues from day one – also assisting wider data and programmatic strategies. 

1. Become our identity partner and make the most out of your data

Share logged in and authenticated user data with zeotap for incremental monthly revenue. We can match your data with other online identifiers and sync with the programmatic ecosystem, plus append it to our global identity graph.

What’s in it for publishers? Better identify your advertisers’ customers on your site and be able to run omnichannel campaigns with a much wider reach.

2. Enrich your CRM/DMP

For a significantly reduced monthly fee – enrich your authenticated users and 1st party cookies with zeotap’s unified and high-quality data for a 360º customer view.

What’s in it for publishers? Smarten up your campaigns and recommend content that will resonate better with your visitors and drive more conversions.

3. Enrich your programmatic inventory (included with 2.)

Enrich your programmatic inventory through zeotap’s lightweight pixel – and better serve your most demanding clients.

What’s in it for publishers? Activate our data on your SSP for more impressions and better conversion results for your brand clients.

Want to know more? Reach out to [email protected] for further information. 



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