Zeotap Is Future Privacy Proof: We Are Already GDPR-Certified

The new GDPR law put forth by the European Commission aims at protecting consumers’ privacy against a single set of harmonized rules throughout the EU. These far-reaching regulatory changes left no lawyer unmoved and now have many data companies face a tough deadline to review their data handling practises.
The good news is: for all our existing and future telecom partners and anyone using telecom data in their markets to make smarter decisions, the new GDRP is actually an opportunity to create a competitive advantage for two reasons:

Reason #1: We Are Already Certified!

We were prepared. Any company in the field of data could see these changes coming and start preparing for the changes that were likely to be impactful. When we saw the new laws slowly manifesting on the horizon – we took it as a challenge to develop a global set of best-practices for our technology and the corresponding business processes and got a team of global experts on board to develop them with us and convince them.
Extract GDPR-Ready Compliance Report by ePrivacy Lawyers

This paid off: Today we are one of the very first data companies globally and as far as we know the first company dealing with telecom data that is already certified against the new regulations. Even though these new laws will only become effective by May 2018, we have already laid out the legal framework for sustainable business that can thrive and grow without the nuisance of legal uncertainties going forward.

Reason #2: Effective Across Europe with a Simple Opt-Out Consent

zeotap’s unique approach to secure and privacy-centric data monetization enables us to operate in an opt-out consent framework. The legal experts that assessed our technology and business processes made it clear: we are not dealing with personal data.
While already active with major telcos in Spain and Italy, we are now looking forward to extending our partnerships with telcos in Europe and beyond and continuing to create value across different industries that benefit from the unique quality of telco data.

“We were impressed with the steps zeotap employs to ensure careful de-identification of any data it handles.”
– Jules Polonetsky, CEO of the Future of Privacy Forum in Washington
“The Determium platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure privacy protection. It is truly a case of privacy-by-design.”
– Kenneth Engelhart, Former Chief Privacy Officer at Rogers Communications
We are looking forward to continuing this amazing journey together!
If you have questions or are eager to start leveraging these unique data assets, please let us know and we’ll get in touch.

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