Media Giants Agree on ID+ Initiative for a Post-Cookie Solution

New York, Berlin, Bangalore —October 14th, 2020

After Annalect, OMD and Accenture, Publicis, Amnet and Unidad Editorial are now joining the ID+ open initiative from Zeotap – a total of 25 players are involved.

The speed shown by a total of 25 media giants from all over the world shows that there is an urgent need for action across national borders when it comes to cookies. Within two months, more than two dozen media players have joined the ID+ initiative from Zeotap, most recently Amnet, Publicis, HOLA, Unidad Editorial and Contversion.

ID+ Initiative

Just over two months ago, the global customer intelligence platform Zeotap founded the open, universal marketing ID initiative ID+, which “aims to enable the future of digital identity in an identifier-agnostic environment and to solve the pressing problem of the decline in CPMs”.

“The ID+ initiative was designed around four core principles: independence, simplicity, interoperability and compliance. We invite the entire ecosystem to work together to solve the industry’s challenge of enabling exact digital identities across all devices,” said Daniel Heer, CEO and Co-Founder of Zeotap.

Users who visit a publisher’s website are given a unique ID+ identifier that enables future programmatic transactions. When a user browses a website, Zeotap creates an ID+ cookie (in a first-party context) that is unique to a browser, website and device. This ID + ID identifies each user on a non-personal data level and combines all additional information collected. Including the deterministic identities in case the user has logged in. However, the ID+ cookie is created regardless of whether the user is logged in or not, provided that their consent has been given.

About Zeotap and ID+ 

ID+ is a universal identity solution that aims to empower the marketing ecosystem with a privacy-compliant mechanism to overcome identity resolution challenges arising from ID fragmentation, cookie restrictions, and increasingly stringent regulation across the world​. ​The project is an open invitation to the entire industry to collaborate on a collective vision for the future.

Founded by customer intelligence platform Zeotap, ID+ is built on the back of the world’s largest marketing identity graph, available across North America, Latin America, Europe, and India.

More than 25 global, regional and local organizations have confirmed their public support and adoption of ID+, including Accenture, Amnet, Annalect, Contversion, HOLA, Unidad Editorial, International Business Times (IBT), Imágen Digital, ItaliaOnline, Mediasmart, OMD EMEA, Prensa Ibérica, Publicis, PubMatic, S4M and Tabmo.

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