Prisma Media Joins Zeotap’s ID+ Universal ID Initiative to Solve for a Cookieless Future

Paris, France: March 10, 2020 – Prisma Media, the leader in French magazine press and online video, and second in digital audiences, has announced a new partnership with ID+, the Universal ID initiative launched by Zeotap. The partnership will enable Prisma Media to continue serving addressable campaigns at scale to brand advertisers, even after the third party cookie is deprecated. 

The ID+ initiative, launched in 2020 and with over 25 partners, aims to empower the marketing ecosystem to overcome challenges posed by the demise of identifiers, as well as a fast-changing regulatory landscape. For publishers, this means the ability to continue to identify their users, while eliminating reliance on platform or device-level identifiers such as cookies. For brands, it allows them to continue reaching addressable users in an omnichannel way, through Zeotap’s Customer Data Platform. Zeotap’s new partnership with Prisma Media furthers the ID+ initiative’s market presence in France. 

We’re thrilled to welcome Prisma Media as our newest ID+ partner,” said Matt Barash, SVP Global Publishing & Platform Partnerships at Zeotap. “The digital economy is shifting, and both publishers and advertisers are taking control of how they will transact by leveraging future-proofing solutions like ID+.”

Becoming part of the ID+ ecosystem is as easy as integrating a website script today. ID+ works by placing an ID+ cookie (in a first-party context) unique to a browser, website, and device on users visiting a publisher’s site. Based on explicit consent, logged in users and their emails form the backbone of ID+, as these permanent identifiers will continue to be the gold standard with the rise of user logins and paywalls. Finally, existing Zeotap script partners can easily update their configuration settings to ensure ID+ readiness for a post-third-party cookie world.

David Folgueira, Executive Director PMS AdTech at Prisma Media said: “With the upcoming changes to cookies, the concept of identification and publishers’ proprietary data will become key to the digital ecosystem. Prisma Media already has a large pool of connected users within its own system, Prisma Media Connect. However, we’ve always been open to those partners in identification and data who allow us to grow this audience. We’re delighted to collaborate with Zeotap on this important subject at the start of this important year.” 

About Prisma Media Solutions

Prisma Media is the number one magazine press publisher in France. Each month, our brands reach more than 40.5million* readers on every kind of medium (print, website, mobile, audio, video, social…). We have some of the most recognised lifestyle brands in the French market, including Femme Actuelle, Gala, Capital, Télé-Loisirs, Voici, Ça M’Intéresse, GEO, Harvard Business Review, Ohmymag, Gentside, Management, Cuisine Actuelle, Télé 2 Semaines, NEON, Prima, flow, Femme Actuelle Sénior, TV Grandes Chaînes, 100% programme TV, Télé, National Geographic and Business Insider.

With our advertising department (Prisma Media Solutions), we help brands build strong and reliable relationships with their consumers whilst respecting environmental and social responsibility, as well as consumer privacy. We believe that respect and confidence are the foundations of a strong business.

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About Zeotap and ID+

ID+ is a universal identity solution that aims to empower the marketing ecosystem with a privacy-compliant mechanism to overcome identity resolution challenges arising from ID fragmentation, cookie restrictions, and increasingly stringent regulation across the world​. ​The project is an open invitation to the entire industry to collaborate on a collective vision for the future.

Founded by the customer data platform Zeotap, ID+ is built on the back of the world’s largest marketing identity graph.

More than 25 global, regional and local partners have confirmed their public support and adoption of ID+, including Accenture, Amnet, Annalect, Contversion, HOLA, Unidad Editorial, International Business Times (IBT), Imágen Digital, ItaliaOnline, Mediasmart, OMD EMEA, Prensa Ibérica, Publicis, PubMatic, S4M, and Tabmo.

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