Zeotap and Digital Angels Innovatively Expand Their Prospecting Methodology for Gamestopzing

Milan, 22 April 2020: GameStopZing, the world’s leading videogames e-commerce platform, and its Italian agency, Digital Angels, have recently completed an innovative marketing project that’s allowed them to achieve enhanced proximity capabilities thanks to Zeotap’s cutting-edge Customer Intelligence platform.

GameStopZing is the world’s leading video game and accessory eCommerce platform that makes it possible to buy videogames, action figures, and newly released fan merchandise with more than 340 stores in Italy. 

The collaboration between GameStopZing and Digital Angels was enhanced by Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform. It allowed GameStopZing to expand its online audience by relying on competitor store location data, deterministic lookalike modeling, and probabilistic lookalike modeling and activate this data and reach these users online to drive sales. During the data activation phase, Zeotap’s activation capabilities also proved to be superior above the sector’s average performance allowing for the outstanding result.

The campaign was active during November and December 2019, including Black Friday and the Christmas period, with over 5 million impressions and almost 20 thousand clicks, with a frequency between 2 and 3.5. The average interaction rate was 1.5%, much higher than the sector average.

In the last few years, the retail world has completely changed, with a progressive increase in competitiveness. Thanks to the strategy developed by Digital Angels and the data analysis of Zeotap, we started an innovative project that allowed us to reach new offline users and retain loyalty to the brand. I am very satisfied with this collaboration that has led us to be among the first in Italy“- said Angelo di Giorgio, Digital Marketing Manager at GameStopZing.

The DAs Programmatic Team is well aware of the importance of innovation and collaboration in a market where competition grows relentlessly. For this reason, as soon as Zeotap informed us about the possibility to offer this innovative service to our customers, we did not hesitate to take all the organizational and operational steps needed for the implementation“- Lorenzo Della Corte, Programmatic Specialist at Digital Angels.

I am really delighted for having contributed to the realization of this innovative project alongside GameStopZing and Zeotap. In the crowded digital marketplace, it is crucial to always keep ourselves updated. We have been among the first in Italy to experience the potential of Zeotap’s proximity targeting. The campaign results have been surprising, we will definitely not hesitate to re-propose this interesting discovery“- Mario Molinario, Account Manager at Digital Angels.

It never ceases to amaze me how our Customer Intelligence Platform can help brand advertisers improve their marketing strategies in so many different ways. For GameStopZing, we were able to outline a new customer base thanks to the combination of our identity resolution, 3rd party data, and lookalike capabilities. The brand implemented a better prospecting strategy that directly impacted their bottom line. We look forward to more successes with Digital Angels, a great partner who is always ready to innovate for their clients.” – Ilaria Calesella, Country Manager at Zeotap.

Achieving a targeted audience at scale in 3 steps

By using location-based GPS data and Zeotap’s deterministic lookalike audience extension capabilities, GamstopZing was able to expand its own audience in a three steps process.

Firstly, by using proximity GPS data, GameStopZing was able to collect profiles from the foot traffic in competitor’s stores who were most likely to be interested in video games and/or merchandise. By doing this, it could expand its own online audience by utilizing location data.

Secondly, based on the above data profiles, GameStopZing extended its competitor offline data profiles by doing lookalike audience extension for niche targeting at scale.

Lastly, GameStopZing took their strategy one step further by creating marketing personas based on characteristics shared by the target audience and then created a manual lookalike audience based on real traits.

These three steps were achieved, thanks to Zeotap’s customer intelligence platform.

Digital Angels is a web marketing agency, Google Premier Partner, specialized in Search, Display, Social Ads, Native Advertising, and Programmatic services. It offers tailor-made solutions and technical skills that “give wings” to innovative projects and digital campaigns.

GameStop Corporation is an American video game giant, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer with headquarter in Grapevine, Texas. GameStop is the largest retailer of new and used video games in the world, but it also sells video game accessories from major brands such as Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, consoles, and other electronic devices.

Zeotap is a Customer Intelligence Platform that helps brands understand customers and predict behavior. Powering brands to invest in customer relationships and products that matter. Zeotap is helping more than 75 of the world’s top 100 brands achieve their goals.

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