Zeotap Data Presents Validated Demos: High-Accuracy Audiences at Scale

Zeotap Data offers digital media buyers precision and reach against your core demographic audiences. Validated with persistent, factual data, accuracy far exceeds big tech DSPs.

Berlin, 7th of November 2023 – Zeotap Data, a leading provider of fully-consented, people-based data solutions, is proud to introduce  Validated Demos the key to delivering reach and frequency metrics against your core demographic audience in programmatic media buying.

Through exclusive partnerships with Europe’s major mobile telco operators, Zeotap Data employs cutting-edge modelling techniques to leverage deterministic data from selected mobile telcos, including information on age, gender, and app usage. The result is the ability to predict core sociodemographic attributes with great accuracy and actionable scale across a scaled data set of 60+ premium partners.

Zeotap Data Science  isolates factual training data and deploys supervised machine-learning algorithms to predict age and gender. Importantly, demographic information is derived solely from actual mobile telco data deterministically matched with persistent identifiers through a patented consent process.

The predictive power of app-usage data in identifying core socio-demographics is remarkable, with models scoring at an accuracy rate of 70% or higher. Zeotap Data utilizes Delta Lakes for storing predictions from various model algorithms, subjecting them to time-series analysis and continually improving accuracy.

Furthermore, Zeotap Data employs external validation sources such as Google and Facebook to validate its models. This rigorous validation process ensures that advertisers can confidently rely on the data provided, to consistently reach their intended audience and build awareness with your core demographic audiences.

Validated Demos offers a distinct advantage in open web programmatic buying. You know your core audience and the reach you need to create the awareness to fuel lower-funnel metrics. These validated demos provide agencies and advertisers with invaluable audience reach whilst maintaining accuracy. That’s always been tricky in open web programmatic; until now. “ says Matt Bennathan, SVP at Zeotap Data, For more information, visit  LINK TO LP

About Zeotap Data

Zeotap Data was designed in Germany for GDPR, delivering quality and scale without compromising on privacy.
Zeotap Data offers people-based and deterministic data composed of over 500 million unique IDs, with over 1bn data data points refreshed daily to ensure fidelity and accuracy. Leveraging exclusive data partnerships from the telecoms sector, Zeotap Data is fully-consented, GDPR and ePrivacy compliant, reaching your core demographic audiences using validated age and gender attributes. Presented in a universally recognisable IAB 1.1 segmentation to cater for all sectors, and accessible through every buying channel that matters, Zeotap Data provides unmatched client service to ensure agencies, advertisers, and platforms deliver campaign success. 

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