Zeotap and Digitl Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Zeotap and Digitl, announcing partnership

Combining Zeotap CDP’s Capabilities with Digitl’s Marketing Consulting Expertise to Deliver Next-Level Customer Data Solutions

Berlin, 2nd of May 2023 – Zeotap, the European Customer Data Platform, and Digitl, a leading consultancy and service provider specialising in tailored made cloud infrastructures for their clients, have joined forces to deliver a customised hybrid CDP approach to data management in the DACH market. This innovative solution blends buy and build options, integrating the best features of a state-of-the-art CDP with customers’ existing Google Cloud infrastructure.

The strategic partnership between Digitl and Zeotap offers clients an opportunity to obtain a holistic, 360-degree understanding of their customers, empowering businesses to devise highly effective marketing strategies and gain a competitive advantage in the market. By leveraging existing investments in Google Cloud, clients can maximise the value of their data, enabling the delivery of personalised and high-impact marketing campaigns. The alliance taps into the power of VertexAI ML models, applied to harmonised first-party data, to generate actionable insights and predictions that propel marketing success. These models support the creation of tailored audience segments based on high purchase predictions, brand affinity, and churn prediction, allowing businesses to target their marketing efforts with precision.

The proposed hybrid solution is designed to optimise costs, enhance efficiency, and ensure scalability and flexibility for clients, making sure that their data is both accessible and actionable through Zeotap’s CDP. A key focus of this partnership is data sovereignty and the establishment of a future-proof infrastructure: so that clients’ data can be securely maintained under their ownership at all times.

Through this collaboration, clients will benefit from Digitl’s expert consulting services on Google Cloud Infrastructure, enabling them to seamlessly build a state-of-the-art data stack architecture based on Google Cloud Technology. Clients can take advantage of the combined expertise of Digitl and Zeotap in delivering innovative solutions that foster meaningful connections with customers and drive positive business outcomes, all while minimising the time from project inception to the deployment of the first use case.

This approach will be presented during the joint Masterclass “Exploring the Power of Customer Data Platforms”, on May 09 2023, at the OMR Festival 23. 


“We’re thrilled to team up with Digitl Cloud to deliver a hybrid infrastructure solution that empowers our clients to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings,” declared Tibor Stefan, Chief Revenue Officer at Zeotap. “By leveraging our combined expertise in cloud technology and data management, we’re able to provide a comprehensive and impactful solution that streamlines customer data management. This partnership not only strengthens our presence in the market but also ensures that our customers have access to an easy and secure solution to improve concretely their data-driven strategies.”



“Digitl Cloud is excited to partner with Zeotap, a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, to deliver a cutting-edge hybrid data management solution combining Zeotap’s state-of-the-art CDP with Google Cloud infrastructure.” said Marco Schierhorn, Managing Director of Digitl Cloud, adding “In addition to unlocking the full potential of their customer data, this collaboration ensures data sovereignty and security. Utilising both Digitl and Zeotap expertise, along with custom AI/ML models, our clients are able to achieve unprecedented marketing success and achieve exceptional business results.”


About Zeotap CDP

Zeotap CDP is the easy, secure and impactful Customer Data Platform made in Europe for Europe. Zeotap CDP empowers brands to integrate, unify, segment and orchestrate customer data now and in the cookieless future, all while putting consumer privacy and compliance front-and-centre. It offers a simple UI built for marketers to deliver personalised experiences for consumers that drive improved business outcomes across marketing, sales, and service in just 8-weeks.
Zeotap works with the world’s top brands including Virgin Media O2, Rewe and Audi.

About Digitl

Digitl Cloud focuses on Cloud & Technology helping customers with consulting and services targeting their Cloud infrastructure. With a team of more than 38 experts ranging from various areas including data & analytics, data science and many more. Digitl Cloud adopts a cloud agnostic approach to offer services for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud as a certified sell & service partner. Digitl Cloud aims to provide services in 4 core areas, specializing in projects such as Marketing Mix-Modeling, Attribution, Predictions via ML/AI, CDP Implementation, Data Infrastructure, DWHs/Data Mesh concepts and Retail Media:

  • Data & Marketing Analytics
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Infrastructure & Data Management
  • Application Development & Modernisation

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