Zeotap Makes Its Deterministic Data Available to the French Market

Zeotap makes its high-quality ID-card verified and deterministic behavioural targeting data at scale available to the french digital advertising market

The global data company zeotap enters its 5th european market and brings its high-quality targeting data at scale to the french mobile advertising ecosystem.
zeotap provides extensive socio-demographic and raw and fresh user interest and purchase data from a wide range of exclusive partners such as the largest telecom operators in the country.
zeotap data has been shown to exceed market benchmarks by up to 6x on measured demographic On-Target Percentage (OTP) and consistently deliver significantly better engagement and conversion results.
Paris, 02 August 2018:  The global data company zeotap, with an existing ID-card verified and deterministic behavioural data offering in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, enters its 5th European market and brings its high-quality targeting data at scale to the French digital advertising ecosystem.
France has become one of Europe’s largest programmatic markets with 45.6% of mobile ads traded programmatically in 2017, and that number is expected to jump to 63% in 2018. With such growth, high-quality targeting data at scale that delivers better campaign results – outside of the walled gardens of Google and Facebook – has become a top priority for advertisers. However, as Nielsen and comScore benchmarks show through its precision numbers that are as low as 9% for males between 18-24 and not even published for the age bracket of 55+, data quality in the market is largely lacking. Zeotap addresses this problem by providing an extensive unique, transparent and fresh deterministic data offering across socio-demographic, interest and purchase data from a wide range of exclusive partners such as telecom operators, that have so far been inaccessible to the market – in a fully GDPR compliant manner.
As of today, zeotap’s data has shown to exceed up to 6x market benchmarks on measured demographic On-Target Percentage (OTP) levels and by now over 50 of the top global 100 brands are using it for better campaign results.
Zeotap’s standard segments can already be accessed through the major industry DSPs and SSPs such as DBM, Adform, Appnexus, TheTradeDesk, TabMo, Teads and Smartclip and more coming soon.
Our mission as a company has always been to democratize unique and exclusive high-quality data assets at scale in every major advertising market. It’s with great satisfaction that we’re officially launching in France and giving the chance to advertisers to improve their campaign results with our unique data offering.” – Daniel Heer, CEO at zeotap
Zeotap is bringing a completely new concept to the mobile advertising market in France. Deterministic at scale is largely lacking, and market education will become paramount to get advertisers to realize how zeotap’s data can drastically reduce the amount of impressions wasted on the wrong target, and how that translates into measurable results and cost savings. ” – Léonard Steger, CM France zeotap, previously at Tabmo and Unruly.

About zeotap

zeotap unites the world’s most valuable data to fuel growth. We enable our clients to achieve better results through precision at scale and intelligent technology.

The first company to win major telecom operators around the world as data partners, zeotap has since become the leader in sourcing, refining and distributing high-quality data from large enterprises. Founded in Berlin in September 2014, zeotap today has offices in New York, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Bengaluru and Mumbai and counts all major media agencies and many global brands as its clients. More information here: www.zeotap.com


Léonard Steger
Country Manager France
[email protected]
Oliver Kander
VP Marketing, Country Head UK/Germany
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Mariona Prat Vila
Head of Marketing
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