Ada Zeotap CDP AI Copilot

Introducing Ada™, the AI co-pilot for Zeotap CDP, powered by Google Cloud’s advanced Gen AI models – PaLM-2, through Vertex AI.
Ada™ revolutionises the way marketers interact with our CDP, offering an intuitive conversational interface that simplifies tasks such as audience segmentation, analytics, and crafting customer journeys.

Ada™, Zeotap’s AI assistant, enhances each phase of the customer journey within the CDP. From integrating data to segmenting audiences and deriving customer insights, Ada™ facilitates these processes, making them as straightforward as having a conversation with a friend. Initially, Ada™ allows users to define segmentation criteria conversationally, then autonomously formulates the conditions for users to evaluate, modify, or save for audience creation. Furthermore, it enables audience activation for campaigns or customer journeys, providing users with full control while abstracting the complexity of the data structure.

Looking ahead, our roadmap envisions incorporating Gen AI comprehensively throughout the customer journey. This includes automating data integration through intelligent auto-mapping from various sources to Zeotap’s data model and enhancing marketers’ ability to uncover customer insights through natural language-driven analytics and data visualisation.

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