Data and the Steps Fashion Brands Like Desigual Must Follow on Their Path to Innovation

Madrid  — October  2020

Javier Fernández, from Desigual, reveals how the company is working on its data together with Zeotap on its path to innovation.

COVID-19 has completely transformed the e-commerce industry. In the case of Spain, this industry has undergone great growth that has led it to become one of the major players in this industry. This growth leads us to ask ourselves what innovation and Big Data can bring to the retail industry; and to give us an answer, Javier Fernández, Technology Innovator Leader at Desigual, Nicolás de Salas Senior Martech and Data Executive at Zeotap have accompanied us during the afternoon of #FOA2020.

To begin with, de Salas explained that today Spain has grown by 20% in online clothing sales, which is leading it to become one of the leading countries in fashion. For Zeotap, all this growth in the retail sector (more than 27% by 2023), together with the complexity of signing new users, is very complex to measure, in addition to the death of third-party cookies. For this reason, “as a Customer Data Platform, what we seek is to value all the data of our clients in the same data repository to unify, segment and enrich the first-party data to analyze and activate in digital channels,” he explained.

Zeotap and Desigual

This is what the company has carried out with Desigual, a process that Fernández has been in charge of explaining. Fernández mentioned that for Desigual, innovation is a fundamental pillar, whose focus is on connections, discovery, influence, creation of ideas and technology and the channeling of this technology, among other things. On its way to Innovation, the Desigual team is focusing on six lines of action: virtual assistants, 3D avatars, data processing, Artificial Intelligence, VR / AR and Blockchain, which will make a difference in the near future, and data processing, for which the company has relied on Zeotap technology, which allows them to:

  •  Better understand who their customers are by appending additional data points on an individual customer level
  • Carry out greater personalization on a 1-1 basis, providing a differentiated experience for their customers
  • Improve the new customer acquisition strategies by find new audiences similar to the most loyal user base (deterministic lookalikes)

“Ultimately, the advantages that Zeotap’s technology provides is that it allows us to strengthen the connection with our customers and get closer to new customers, all with the sole objective of being closer to our customers”, he concluded.

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