How Zeotap CDP and Google Cloud Make a CDP Project Successful

Zeotap CDP is a user-friendly Customer Data Platform designed to harness the capabilities of Google Cloud technology, facilitating seamless integration, unification, segmentation, and orchestration of customer data while prioritising consumer privacy and compliance. As a strategic partner fully integrated with Google Cloud’s suite of products, Zeotap CDP not only offers scalability and performance but also enhances the overall customer experience.

This video provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits stemming from the Zeotap-Google Cloud partnership, emphasising the following key points:

  • Accelerated time to value through streamlined deployment and straightforward configuration. 
  • Cost efficiency achieved through unlimited scalability and robust security afforded by Google Cloud’s infrastructure. 
  • Simplified procurement process via the Google Cloud Marketplace.
  • Native connectivity between data sources on Google Cloud and Google Ads, automating the entire data flow.
  • Leadership in innovation, with early access to cutting-edge Google Cloud developments such as AI.

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