Retail Media Talk: Strategy, Setup, and CDP Solution

Interview with Marco Schierhorn, Managing Director at DIGITL, and Mitch Gavril, Head of Partnership at Zeotap

Retail media presents its own set of challenges, and staying ahead in this dynamic landscape is crucial for businesses striving to thrive in 2024 and beyond. At the forefront of this evolution are Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), which serve as the cornerstone of a successful retail media strategy.

In this illuminating interview, Marco Schierhorn, Managing Director at DIGITL, and Mitch Gavril, Head of Partnerships at Zeotap, offer invaluable insights into achieving success in the realm of retail media, emphasising the indispensable role of CDPs in shaping its future.

Throughout the discussion, we delve into pressing questions such as upcoming trends in retail media for 2024, essential tools for implementing a successful retail media strategy, and the pivotal role of CDPs in this domain. Additionally, we explore how CDPs can leverage in-store data and address potential challenges in the retail media business.

We also cover a range of topics including:

  • Mastering Cookieless Targeting: Discover how CDP solutions are essential for overcoming the challenges posed by the cookieless era.
  • Personalisation Beyond Boundaries: Learn how CDPs enhance personalisation efforts, enabling a seamless omnichannel approach.
  • AI’s Impact on Retail Media: Explore the transformative potential of AI models combined with CDP data to craft highly tailored marketing campaigns.
  • Building a Robust Retail Media Strategy: Receive expert guidance on structuring your retail media strategy for maximum impact and success.

Ready to dive deeper into Retail Media and the transformative power of CDPs? 

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