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Arrays in Action: Redefining Data Precision with Zeotap CDP

In the realm of data management, versatility is key. Data manifests in various formats, from flattened to complex and nested data, each serving unique purposes. While our platform already accommodates flattened data, we’re excited to introduce how Zeotap CDP seamlessly integrates with arrays, requiring a one-to-many relationship and soon, even more complexity.

Understanding Arrays in Zeotap CDP

Arrays are instrumental for managing data sets that have one to many type relationships, such as product recommendations, propensity scores, or any customer data necessitating a one-to-many relationship. Arrays in Zeotap CDP represent a flexible attribute type capable of storing lists containing one or more values. We had this capabilities for identifiers before, now we also support it for other attribute type. This can either be a profile attribute or event data, our platform can store up to 200 values per attribute. 

Arrays support within Zeotap CDP offers a powerful solution for brands seeking to personalise customer experiences based on nuanced user categorisations. Assume that a retailer brand sends data into the Zeotap CDP system defined as categories like high-value customers, frequent users, seasonal buyers and low-value. Given that users often belong to multiple categories simultaneously, Zeotap CDP array functionality becomes indispensable in managing this complexity allowing brands to build a one-to-many relationship.

Array for one-to-many relationship of data type

Enhanced Capabilities and Benefits

The expanded support for arrays enables a myriad of applications:

  • Granular Profiling: Users can capture intricate user preferences, behaviours and interests, facilitating more precise customer segmentation.
  • Comprehensive Event Tracking: From product interactions to content engagement, tracking events with multiple attributes provides richer insights into user behaviour.
  • Personalised Recommendations: Leveraging arrays, businesses can offer tailored product recommendations based on diverse criteria, enhancing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Use Cases to Understand Better

Use Case 1: Personalised Targeting on Revisit based on Web Checkout

In this scenario, let’s assume that the retailer has sent Zeotap CDP with detailed information about the customer’s purchased products, including product IDs, names, vendors, and variants—all stored as arrays. Leveraging this data, the retailer aims to curate specialised target audiences for marketing campaigns. By analysing purchased products, variants and vendors, the retailer can segment customers effectively and deliver tailored offers or recommendations upon their website revisit. Utilising array data type within Zeotap CDP, the retailer can construct workflows in the Journeys module to orchestrate personalised interactions and offers, maximising engagement and conversion opportunities.

Use Case 2: Personalised Subscription Package Promotion

In this scenario, let’s assume a Telco company whos customers have diverse subscription package preferences, ranging from family and kids to sports and movies. To enhance customer satisfaction and drive subscription growth, the retailer seeks to promote targeted packages or special offers based on each customer’s current subscription selection. By storing subscription package information as array attributes within Zeotap CDP, the retailer can dynamically segment users and activate targeted promotional campaigns. Utilising Zeotap’s Audience Builder and Journeys modules, the retailer can create qualifying criteria based on users’ subscribed packages, facilitating precise targeting and personalised promotional efforts.

Zeotap CDP’s dedication to innovation ensures that our users have the tools they need to navigate the complexities of evolving data landscapes. With our enhanced support for arrays, we’re empowering businesses to unlock the full value of customer data, paving the way for deeper insights, more personalised experiences and ultimately, greater success. By leveraging array attributes within Zeotap CDP, brands can drive engagement, foster loyalty and fuel business growth through dynamic segmentation and tailored customer experiences across every interaction point. To know more about Array support in Zeotap CDP and unlock the full potential of your data—schedule a demo now and embark on a journey towards data-driven success with Zeotap CDP.

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