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How CDPs can benefit Telco companies: Zeotap CDP and Virgin Media O2 Success Story

Interview with Andy Lewis, Head of Paid Traffic Acquisition at Virgin Media O2

The telecom industry is a fiercely competitive sector where standing out amidst a plethora of companies is paramount. To achieve this, telecommunication companies must undergo significant transformations in their operational methodologies, particularly in their approach to data management and technological integration to ensure customer satisfaction. In response to this imperative, an increasing number of telecom providers are embracing Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). These platforms serve as the linchpin of a company’s strategy, facilitating comprehensive data acquisition and enhancing marketing strategies.

In this article, we delve into the crucial role of CDPs in shaping successful acquisition campaigns and saving staggering amounts of media budget, with insights from Andy Lewis, Head of Paid Traffic Acquisition at Virgin Media O2. Let’s explore why choosing the right tools is paramount to achieving fast business outcomes and how Zeotap CDP has been pivotal in this transformative experience.

Andy, could you shed some light on the business problems you aimed to solve through this partnership?

Andy: “Absolutely. Our journey began with the recognition of the growing importance of customer data platforms (CDPs) in modern marketing. We realised that the traditional approach to data management was becoming outdated, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. However, the prospect of implementing a CDP seemed daunting, with numerous vendors and complex integration requirements. We initially overcomplicated our needs, but with Zeotap’s guidance, we adopted a use-case-driven approach, focusing on practical solutions tailored to our specific requirements.

Andy, could you elaborate on the implementation process and the results achieved?

Andy: “Our approach was pragmatic yet impactful. We began by tackling our most pressing issue: customer suppression. Within a remarkably short timeframe of four months, we witnessed a significant reduction in wasted spend, resulting in substantial cost savings. This initial success fueled our confidence, prompting us to expand our scope to include additional use cases such as lookalike modeling and cross-selling. By leveraging Zeotap CDP’s features and expertise and Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure, we achieved tangible results while maintaining agility and scalability.

Can you describe in more detail your marketing strategy?

Andy: “We had ambitious plans. Our journey started with an easy-use case focused solely on Google Ads. After achieving our initial results, we expanded our efforts by integrating additional platforms. We’ve successfully replicated our achievements with Meta (Facebook and Instagram), extending our efficient suppression strategies across multiple channels.

What is important to stress here is that before implementing Zeotap CDP, we were already utilising every available tool in the market to suppress our customers from our acquisition campaigns. So, the benefit that we experienced with the CDP was on top of what everyone else in the market is already doing. This represents a much more efficient version of suppression, offering better matching and improved customer identification.

Moreover, we’ve embarked on our second use case: leveraging the power of lookalike modelling to uncover new customer segments. Thanks to the significant cost savings generated from our initial suppression efforts—credited to the remarkable efficacy of Zeotap CDP’s suppression capabilities—we’ve reinvested a million pounds into new acquisition campaigns, targeting prospects who are more likely to purchase our services.”

How do you envision the future of this collaboration?

Andy: Our journey with Zeotap has been transformative, but it’s just the beginning. We recognise the potential for further optimisation and innovation in our acquisition strategies. With a solid foundation in place, we aim to continue exploring new avenues for growth and efficiency. Our partnership with Zeotap and Google Cloud empowers us to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Conclusion: How can Telco approach their challenges with a CDP

Virgin Media O2’s experience highlights the power of collaboration and strategic data management offered by a CDP in driving business success. By embracing simplicity and prioritising key use cases, telecom companies can unlock untapped potential and achieve remarkable results in their marketing efforts. As we navigate the digital age, the key lies in leveraging the right technology to not only adapt but also thrive in an ever-evolving market environment.

At Zeotap, our goal is to simplify the process of leveraging customer data for marketing strategies. We recognise that many Telco companies, like Virgin Media O2, are grappling with fragmented data silos and legacy systems. By seamlessly integrating with Google Cloud and other platforms, we facilitate the consolidation of data sources, enabling Virgin Media O2 to derive actionable insights more efficiently. Our emphasis on prioritising key use cases ensured a swift time-to-value, avoiding the common pitfall of prolonged implementation timelines.

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