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Smart Triggers: Tailor Real-Time Experiences with Zeotap CDP

Zeotap CDP’s journey orchestration platform, Journeys, has undergone an enhancement with the introduction of ‘Smart Triggers.’ This feature adds a new layer of flexibility and personalisation to Journeys, allowing marketers to define trigger criteria not only based on customers’ current attributes but also by considering how these attributes have changed. Let’s explore the power of Smart Triggers and how they redefine the way we craft personalised user experiences.

Build Meaningful Journeys with Smart Triggers

Traditionally, Journeys were triggered solely by user-generated events. However, by attentively listening to our customers’ needs, we recognised the demand for initiating workflows based on changes in user attributes. This insight led to the creation of Smart Triggers, seamlessly integrating attribute-based triggers into workflows.

Attribute changes act as catalysts for real-time personalisation across all user touchpoints. Smart Triggers empower marketers to respond dynamically to shifts in user attributes, opening up possibilities for adjusting marketing strategies and tailoring user experiences to evolving preferences. With Smart Triggers, the power to create workflows is no longer confined to user actions; it extends to changes in user attributes. Imagine managing a loyalty program – Smart Triggers enable sending targeted communications when a customer’s loyalty status undergoes a change, providing the freedom to tailor workflows to specific attribute changes.

How does it Work?

Creating meaningful journeys using Zeotap CDP’s point-and-click journey builder remains effortless. Without requiring technical expertise, Smart Triggers can be enabled through our intuitive user interface. Configure trigger conditions effortlessly by specifying start and final values for user attributes, streamlining the journey-building process.

For numeric values attributed to user variables, the interface allows setting conditions based on the difference between initial and final values. Whether it’s a percentage increase or a specific numeric threshold, Smart Triggers provide the flexibility to track users based on changes that matter most to you. 

Now equipped with Smart Triggers, you can enhance your journey-building capabilities by capturing intricate changes in user attributes. These Journeys seamlessly adapt to changes users make to their profiles, creating a dynamic and responsive engagement experience.

Build Journeys with Smart Triggers

Exploring Use Cases

Let us understand the use of Smart Triggers better through the following use cases:

Switching Subscription Plans
As a marketer, track users effortlessly when they switch from a postpaid to a prepaid plan. Smart Triggers let you stay on top of these changes, allowing you to optimise your communication strategies and provide tailored offers in real-time.

Adapting Marketing Preferences
Imagine a user shifting from ‘all’ to ‘essential only’ content preferences. With Smart Triggers, set conditions to detect this change swiftly. It enables you to align your marketing efforts with evolving user choices, ensuring a personalised approach that resonates with individual preferences.

Churn Propensity Alert
Proactively retain customers with Smart Triggers by receiving alerts when a user’s churn propensity increases by over 40%. Take swift action by providing exclusive deals or targeted communications to re-engage at-risk users and foster long-term loyalty. Smart Triggers: your tool for agile and responsive marketing.

In conclusion, Smart Triggers adds a fresh dimension of flexibility and personalisation to the workflows you create in Zeotap CDP’s orchestration platform. The ability to initiate journeys based on attribute changes, represents a significant leap in meeting the dynamic needs of our customers. As you explore the capabilities of Smart Triggers, remember – it’s all about giving you the power to craft journeys that seamlessly adjust and respond to the dynamic shifts in user attributes. If you’re interested in exploring how Smart Triggers of Zeotap CDP’s Journey Orchestration platform can benefit your business, feel free to request a demo here. We’re excited to address any inquiries you may have.

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