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Zeotap CDP Unveils Enhanced Destination Product

Our journey to create our new interface had one simple goal: to make your experience even better. But we didn’t stop there. Our team has been working hard to keep improving. Today, we’re excited to introduce the revamped Destinations product. It’s not just easier to use, but it’s also more versatile than ever. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the important changes we’ve made to Zeotap CDP’s Destination product and how they’ll cater to a broader range of use cases than ever before.

Improvements that we bring for you

This new version of the Destination product offers full control over your data flow. With multiple attribute support, it enables more comprehensive activation, empowering any downstream systems.

Centralised data management and enhanced data control

In the past, data control was spread across different products of Zeotap CDP, resulting in a lack of centralised data management. With the introduction of the revamped Destination product in the revamped CDP interface, there is now a central hub for controlling your data and deciding what gets sent and what doesn’t. Brands get the freedom to determine precisely which data should be sent to a Destination and which data should remain within their control.

This enhancement contributes significantly to better data governance and user trust. Brands can now define the data points they wish to send to destinations through centralised Mappings. This includes the flexibility to transmit multiple attributes of Zeotap’s golden record, ensuring that their data activation aligns perfectly with their goals. Whether it’s Audience activation or powering Journeys, users can cherry-pick the data to send, guaranteeing complete control over their destination choices. This newfound control and flexibility address the concerns regarding data control and the ethical considerations associated with data usage in advertising.

centralised data management
Centralised hub for controlling your data

Support for wider range of use cases

We’ve made significant improvements to our architecture, enabling us to send multiple attributes to various Destinations.  This enhancement reflect Zeotap’s evolving role in catering to broader dimensions of marketing needs, spanning across diverse scenarios including ads, email marketing, personalisation, engagement automation, A/B testing and analytics. 

To run any of the above use cases, user identifiers are indispensable, especially for scenarios like personalisation through email marketing. In such cases, the aim is to tailor messages to recipients via their email addresses, requiring various user attributes such as first names, last names, ages and even specific product IDs of products they browsed or events like “add to cart.” This would help the marketer focus on crafting highly personalised, one-to-one communication. 

Whereas, in scenarios where advertisements have to be across multiple platforms, leveraging all possible identifiers accepted by those platforms to effectively target a broader audience. Here, the aim to engage a wide range of audiences across different platforms. For example, instead of addressing recipients individually through email, they aim to reach a broader demographic.

This support for multiple attributes, is a crucial step that reflects Zeotap’s evolving role, covering broader dimensions of all types of use cases that a marketer drives. Thus, equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive in a data-driven landscape.

Drive multiple actions per Destination

Shifting from the traditional marketer’s mindset, which primarily revolves around building an audience and activating it, this new functionality encourages a more business-driven approach. It expands the scope beyond mere audience management and activation, allowing for a wider range of use cases.

Imagine you’re a brand with a CRM, and you want to closely monitor users who have installed your app but haven’t yet subscribed or made a payment. You aim to capture all such users as Contacts within your CRM. Zeotap simplifies this process by tracking user events and, when identifying a user who has installed your app but hasn’t subscribed, sends their data to your CRM to be stored as a Contact, along with other relevant user attributes.

The introduction of Actions marks a significant evolution in data management and destination operations. Actions are a set of Destination operations that offer diverse functionalities, such as sending identifiers, managing CRM contacts, and sending custom behavioral events, among others. These Actions are custom-tailored to drive multiple use cases across destinations, ensuring flexibility and precision in data handling.

To enhance data compliance and management, we have introduced two new concepts: Actions and Mapping. Actions empower users to configure various operations based on their specific needs, allowing them to send identifiers to the intended Audience, manage contacts within their CRM, or send custom behavioral events. Each Action can be precisely defined and activated, giving users the freedom to control what data they want to send to a Destination and what they prefer to retain under their control. This new approach streamlines data management, ensuring that your data activation aligns seamlessly with your business objectives and data compliance requirements.

Guided user assistance

Experience a more user-friendly and self-serve journey when creating a destination with the introduction of on-screen guidance. We’ve streamlined the process to ensure that creating a destination is a breeze. These guided contextual help content provide a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience. You can also find detailed, step-by-step instructions in our help documentation, allowing you to create destinations with confidence.

Our commitment to user-centric design reflects our ongoing effort to simplify CDP usage. We believe that a CDP should not be complicated. By offering a more streamlined, sleek, and intuitive experience, we’ve made our CDP not only user-friendly but also closer to a self-serve experience. This transformation enhances the overall usability of our platform, ensuring that you can efficiently and effortlessly create destinations while enjoying a more guided and empowering experience.

Contextual guidance for faster Destination creation

Zeotap’s revamped Destination product represents a significant leap forward in data control and activation. With centralised data management, multi-attribute support, and the introduction of Actions, it caters to a wider range of marketing needs. The guided user assistance ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, making it easier than ever to create destinations. Zeotap remains committed to enhancing user experiences and simplifying CDP usage, ensuring that data-driven businesses have the tools and capabilities they need to excel in today’s dynamic landscape. If you’d like a preview of the new interface, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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