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Zeotap CDP’s Crucial Role in DOUGLAS’ Retail Media Strategy

Interview with Jessica Wegner, VP New Business & Retail Media at DOUGLAS

When we embarked on our partnership with DOUGLAS, their primary objective was to establish a robust data and ad tech architecture. This architecture would enable internationalisation, introduce new marketing solutions, and explore secure channels for the future. DOUGLAS sought a solution to enhance their Retail Media strategy, focusing on unlocking first-party data both on-site and off-site to achieve a comprehensive 360-degree brand activation.

In our exclusive interview with Jessica Wegner, VP of New Business & Retail Media at DOUGLAS, we delve deeper into:

  • DOUGLAS Retail Media strategy
  • The indispensable role of a CDP in Retail Media
  • Why DOUGLAS chose Zeotap as their trusted partner

Join us as we explore these critical topics in detail during this interview.


Which role does a CDP play in this project?

“Within our adtech architecture, a CDP holds a central position. In 2023, with the decline of third-party cookies and metrics, transitioning from a DMP to a CDP solution became imperative. This shift allows us to scale up, utilise multiple identifiers, and improve targeting quality, ensuring precise messaging to our audiences at the right moment.”

Which advertising and marketing channels do you plan to connect with the CDP?

Ideally, we aim to connect all channels to create an interconnected ecosystem for a holistic 360-degree view of our customers. Initially, our focus will be on digital channels, including social media networks, display and programmatic channels, on-site retail media inventory, and later email and CRM. Future plans include exploring additional channels like digital out-of-store and mobile in-app, utilising first-party data for effective campaigns.”

What advantages do you expect from using a CDP in Retail Media?

It’s not just about advantages; it’s a necessity. The transition from a dying DMP technology to a state-of-the-art CDP is crucial. Multiple identifiers and real-time effects are significant, enabling precise targeting. We anticipate benefiting from the CDP’s ability to facilitate learning and adaptation on the fly.”

Where does DOUGLAS utilise the CDP? Which teams are involved?

“Initially, digital media teams, including digital and activation managers in retail media and performance marketing, will use the CDP. Subsequently, CRM teams, analytics, business intelligence, and A/B testing teams will also be integrated.”

How did you prioritise the different use cases at the beginning of the project?

“Prioritising use cases is crucial. We recommend focusing on 3 to 5 top use cases for effective implementation and impactful results. Urgency played a vital role for Douglas as they needed to replace the DMP with the CDP swiftly to address first-party data and audience utilisation in a cookieless future.”

Why did you decide on Zeotap CDP in the end?

“We chose Zeotap CDP for three key factors. Foremost was the assurance of safety and privacy – a shared philosophy deeply ingrained in our German vendor’s DNA, ensuring our client data is protected at all costs. Ease of use was another crucial element; the most sophisticated tools are ineffective if they aren’t user-friendly and embraced by our teams. The third aspect was urgency – the need to get started swiftly, prioritising out-of-the-box integrations and connectors. Lastly, the human factor played a vital role: effective communication, collaborative interaction, and mutual trust were paramount in our decision-making process.”

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