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Harness the Potential of Real-Time Data: Zeotap CDP Webhook Integration Explained

At Zeotap CDP, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions that harness the potential of real-time data to create exceptional customer experiences. If you’re seeking complete control over the data sent to your internal systems, all while ensuring secure data transfer and the ability to leverage this data for various use cases, look no further. Zeotap CDP’s real-time orchestration platform provides the key to effortlessly constructing customer journeys and seamlessly transmitting qualified customer data to your customer-facing systems through the open connectivity of Webhooks. In this blog, we delve into the possibilities of Zeotap CDP’s Webhook integration, tackling critical challenges like centralising data, eliminating manual transfer bottlenecks and meeting the demand for real-time insights. Join us as we explore how Zeotap CDP can transform your data processes and enhance your business operations

Zeotap’s Webhook delivering efficient data transfer and actionable insights 

Zeotap’s real-time orchestration platform empowers your business to define customer journeys, establish timing delays and seamlessly transmit qualified customer data to customer-facing systems in real time through Webhooks’ open connectivity. The seamless integration with a Webhook establishes a secure connection between Zeotap and your internal systems offering a straightforward means of enabling your product or application to receive signals. Thus, facilitating the transfer of data from Zeotap to your system based on your specified criteria. 

Once the data becomes available within your system, you can leverage it to drive various use cases that align with your specific requirements, such as email marketing, personalisation, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or customer engagement platforms to execute tailored actions such as sending emails, delivering offers and presenting content, all determined by the predefined criteria associated with customer data.

Challenges that this integration solves

Without Zeotap CDP and its Webhook functionality, businesses face challenges with data centralisation making it difficult to analyse data from diverse sources in a unified location, resulting in a fragmented view of customer data that impedes decision-making. Manual data transfer processes often demand substantial time and introduce error-prone inefficiencies, potentially causing data access and utilisation delays. The absence of real-time data transfer means businesses would work with outdated information, affecting the marketing strategies, personalisation efforts and system optimisation. Integration to a real-time data transfer tool could become a complex and time-consuming process, potentially causing implementation challenges, increased costs and disruptions to the existing systems. Ensuring security and compliance for the overall process could be a significant hurdle, potentially exposing the business to data privacy and regulatory risks. Additionally, the absence of real-time insights could limit the business’s ability to respond promptly to customer interactions and behavioural changes, leading to missed opportunities in personalisation and customer engagement.

How does the integration work?

webhook zeotap integration

Upon activating the Webhook, Zeotap initiates HTTP calls forwarding your the user events to the designated endpoint of your choice. Here is a brief to help you understand how the integration works.

  1. Transfer: The integration begins with businesses importing customer data from various sources into Zeotap CDP and mapping the attributes to the Zeotap catalogue. This catalogue provides out-of-the-box data models and you can easily add more data points as per your specific business needs.
  2. Orchestrate: Next, a seamless workflow is set up within Zeotap CDP’s real-time orchestration platform. Here, you have the flexibility to map relevant Zeotap Catalogue fields to the Webhook endpoint in the Real-Time Orchestration platform, establishing a connection.
    Zeotap CDP creates unique profiles for your customers and continuously tracks their user behaviour. Through the established connection, Zeotap sends user profile attributes, custom attributes, custom events and purchase fields to the designated Webhook endpoint.
  3. Activation: Add the relevant connection details for your Webhook endpoint. With the connection established, the data is then uploaded to this endpoint. Zeotap in the form of unique customer profile and sends user profile attributes, custom attributes, custom events, purchases fields or any other attributes to Webhook.

This easy setup reduces implementation complexities, saving time and resources. Once the connection is established, real-time event distribution enables swift actions across systems. Automated data sync ensures you always work with up-to-date information, eliminating manual transfers. Above all, Zeotap prioritises data security and compliance, safeguarding your information throughout the onboarding process.

Understanding the integration through a use case

It is always easy to understand the benefits of an offering through some use case. In this section we will take reference of a retail company that is determined to reduce customer churn and enhance retention rates. They recognise that identifying users at risk of churning in real-time is a crucial step for them to achieve this goal. In order to do so, they needed a solution to detect users showing signs of churn, specifically those who visit the “Unsubscribe” page on their website. Once identified, they wanted to swiftly engage with these users to explore retention opportunities.

To address this challenge, the retail company made use of Zeotap CDP’s real-time orchestration platform and the Webhook integration. Here’s how the solution works:

  1. Workflow Creation:
    A workflow is meticulously crafted within Zeotap CDP’s real-time orchestration platform. This workflow incorporates criteria to identify users at churn risk based on their actions, particularly visits to the “Unsubscribe” page.
  1. Unified Customer Profile:
    Zeotap CDP offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of each customer. This unified customer profile includes detailed information about the user’s attributes, behaviour, consent, marketing preferences and more.
  1. Webhook Establishment:
    A secure Webhook connection is established between Zeotap CDP and the client’s call center system. This Webhook allows real-time data transmission from Zeotap CDP to the client’s system.
  1. Real-time Data Transmission:
    Zeotap CDP initiates real-time HTTP calls to the designated endpoint (Webhook) of the client’s call center system. These calls contain the unified customer profiles of users displaying churn risk, sent in real-time.
  1. Enhanced Flexibility:
    With the ability to receive customer profiles in real-time, the client gains flexibility. They can not only engage users through their call center but also connect to personalization tools that offer Webhooks. This flexibility enables dynamic, real-time personalization flows.

The retail company can now proactively identify users at risk of churning and facilitates immediate interactions with their customer care executives thus enabling,

  • Maximised retention opportunities: Swift identification and engagement of users at risk of churning increase the chances of retaining valuable customers.
  • Real-time personalisation: The ability to connect to personalization tools enables the company to deliver personalised experiences based on real-time information, further enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you’re in search of a solution that offers complete control over your data transfers, ensures the utmost security and empowers you to leverage the data for multiple purposes, your search ends here. The possibilities that Zeotap CDP’s Webhook integration offers are indeed transformative. By addressing essential challenges such as data centralisation, eradicating manual transfer bottlenecks, and meeting the demand for real-time insights, we are paving the way for you to thrive in today’s data-driven landscape. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] to explore this transformative partnership further. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you every step of the way, empowering your business with the tools it needs to thrive.

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