Zeotap launches ‘Zeotap Fuel’

New data product combines Zeotap’s capabilities in targeting, data enrichment and identity resolution

BERLIN, MARCH 15TH, 2022 – Zeotap has today announced the launch of Zeotap Fuel, a data asset designed for Europe that delivers quality without compromising on data privacy. The launch comes as a new positioning of Zeotap’s data capabilities, which now sit alongside its Customer Data Platform and its Universal Identifier, ID+

Zeotap Fuel is composed of over 500 million unique IDs from over 130 providers, refreshed daily to ensure reliable quality. Created specifically for the challenging data privacy conditions of Europe, it includes only fully-consented data, and is both GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. It is designed to serve three key needs: 

  • Targeting: for advertisers, Zeotap Fuel delivers quality targeting at scale, without the headaches normally associated with European data compliance. It applies over 2,500 tried-and-tested Champion Segments across up to 100 channels for fast, seamless campaigns. 
  • Data Enrichment: for marketers, Zeotap Fuel supplements their first-party data with consented third-party data in order to ‘fill in the gaps’ and complete the view of the customer.
  • Identity Resolution: for marketers looking to identify and reach their customers across a widening spectrum of channels and devices, Zeotap Fuel opens up new opportunities to deliver connected, effective customer journeys.

“The growing pressure of data privacy has made achieving reliable reach and engagement in Europe both difficult and expensive: Zeotap Fuel is designed to provide the solution to this challenge.” said Florian Lichtwald, Managing Director and Chief Business Officer of Zeotap. “As a business with over seven years’ of heritage in the European data space, being at the forefront of unifying data with privacy has always been at our core – with today’s launch we’re reaffirming that focus and dedication.” 

Today also sees the launch of Zeotap Fuel’s dedicated Data Hotline, available at zeotap.com. Operated by experts located throughout Europe, it creates an easy way for advertisers to submit their specific data briefings and receive a detailed response within one working day. 

The announcement also comes following Zeotap’s recent report “The Value Exchange”, original consumer research that shows the link between good data privacy practices and strong revenue. These findings showed that in the four years since the staging of GDPR, consumers continue to have a low level of confidence in how their data is used by the brands that they engage with, leading them to especially value those brands who they believe that they can trust in this regard. This in turn leads to greater acquisition and loyalty for brands who make data privacy a core part of their proposition. The full report can be downloaded for free here

About Zeotap

Zeotap creates unity between data and privacy to power personal and trusted customer experiences. At its heart is Zeotap CDP, the next-generation Customer Data Platform that empowers marketing and data teams to collect, unify, segment and activate customer data while putting privacy and compliance front-and-centre. Complemented by Zeotap Fuel, a data asset designed to deliver quality without compromising on data privacy, Zeotap also offers ID+, a universal marketing ID. Recognised by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” and G2 Crowd as a CDP Momentum Leader, Zeotap works with market-leading brands including P&G, Audi and Virgin Media. For more information visit www.zeotap.com.

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