CDP Talk: Retail Media Strategy and the Role of CDPs

Interview with Zeotap co-founders Daniel Heer, Zeotap CEO, and Projjol Banerjea, Zeotap CPO

In this interview, Daniel Heer, CEO, and co-founder of Zeotap, along with Projjol Banerjea, co-founder, and CPO, shed light on the critical role of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in successfully executing a retail media strategy.

They delve into various key topics, including:

  • why a CDP is indispensable for a thriving retail media campaign,
  • the significance of selecting the right tools for your retail media strategy,
  • how Zeotap adapts its CDP to align with the evolving needs and opportunities of the market.

Additionally, they discuss how Zeotap’s CDP enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of retail media campaigns, its role in maintaining compliance and ensuring data privacy for retailers, and why Zeotap’s CDP stands out as the premier choice for retail media endeavours.

This insightful conversation offers invaluable insights for anyone seeking to optimise their retail media strategy and maximise their campaign’s impact.

Ready to dive deeper into Retail Media and the transformative power of CDPs? 

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