CDP talk: Telco. Empowering Telco Growth with CDPs

Interview with Kay Schwabedal, CDO at Virgin Media O2, and Zeotap's CRO, Tibor Stefan

Dive into this engaging dialogue with Kay Schwabedal, CDO of Virgin Media O2, as we delve into the transformative impact of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) on the telecom industry. In this comprehensive interview, Kay discusses the crucial role of CDPs, especially Zeotap CDP, in fostering business expansion, enhancing customer loyalty, and influencing the direction of future market trends.

Learn how Virgin Media O2 utilises Zeotap CDP for the Telco sector to craft personalised customer interactions, refine marketing offers, and significantly boost their cross-selling and up-selling tactics. Kay further explores the essential advantages of implementing a solid CDP system, such as faster decision-making, enhanced data-driven solutions, and the seamless integration of business objectives with technological infrastructure.

Highlights Include:

  • The transformation in customer acquisition and retention within the Telco sector.
  • Zeotap’s unique position due to its European origin and privacy-centric design.
  • Success cases demonstrating effective data use and targeted marketing strategies.
  • Upcoming trends in the Telco field, including diversification into new service areas.
  • Strategic recommendations for Telcos initiating their CDP integration.

Seize the opportunity to access these unique perspectives to understand how CDP for Telco could transform your business approach.

Ready to dive deeper into the transformative power of CDPs for Telcos?

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