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CDP Diaries: How to Create the Ideal Customer Journey for Luxury Retail

In the fast-paced and competitive retail sector, delivering personalised and seamless customer experiences is paramount for success.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how CDPs can help luxury businesses with their challenges. For this, we delve into the luxury customer journey and highlight the transformative impact of CDPs on luxury retail challenges and successes.

Why do luxury retailers need a CDP?

Luxury brands face the challenge of leveraging customer data to develop tailored strategies that drive loyalty and boost sales. The ability to harness customer data is a strategic imperative for identifying growth opportunities and gaining a competitive edge. This is where Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) play a vital role in the era of data-driven marketing, enabling companies to navigate complex and ever-changing customer journeys. By consolidating data from multiple sources, CDPs provide a comprehensive view of the customer, empowering businesses to forge meaningful interactions. As Europe’s leading customer data platform, Zeotap CDP offers luxury brands the tools they need to unlock the full potential of data and drive growth. To illustrate the power of Zeotap CDP in the luxury retail industry, let’s delve into Stephanie’s story and explore the transformative impact of CDPs on luxury retail brands.

The key stages of the customer journey in luxury sector

The Customer Profile – Meet Stephanie

cdp-diaries-luxury retail-meet-stephanieStephanie, a fashion-forward person with a penchant for luxury accessories, is the protagonist of our customer journey. Stephanie, a regular customer of Delicae, logs into Deliciae’s website, her favourite luxury designer brand, keeps browsing the products and falls in love with a stunning bracelet. One day, Stephanie visits Deliciae’s website, her favourite luxury designer brand, and falls in love with a stunning bracelet. She adds it to her cart but gets interrupted by a call from her husband. Unfortunately, she forgets to complete the purchase. Little does Stephanie know, her journey is about to take an exciting turn.

Bridging the Gap with Zeotap CDP

cdp-diaries-bridging-the-gap-zeotapTwo days later, Stephanie decides to visit the Deliciae shop in Champs-Elysées, Paris, where she finally buys the bracelet she had her eye on. This critical buying event triggers a chain of data signals. The data collected, including Stephanie’s email, first-party cookie, and relevant behavioural website events, is seamlessly integrated with brand’s CRM via Zeotap CDP, which is used by the designer company. The data then flows into Zeotap’s Deliciae instance within the CDP, establishing a unified customer profile.

Zeotap CDP collects and unify customer data from different sources

Zeotap CDP excels in harnessing customer data from a multitude of sources—both Deliciae’s online and offline sources—to create comprehensive customer profile of Stephanie. By breaking the data silos,  and employing advanced identity resolution techniques, and enriching profiles with additional insights, Zeotap CDP ensures not just Stephanie but every other customer profile is both unified and enriched in real-time. This robust profiling enables marketers to deploy precisely targeted, personalised marketing campaigns across various channels, enhancing customer engagement and improving overall marketing efficacy.

Birthday Surprise

Several weeks later, Stephanie, using her iPad, decides to purchase a Deliciae pour Homme  wallet for her husband’s birthday. Although it’s a sister brand, they are two distinct maisons. The challenge arises in merging the data due to consent restrictions. Deliciae Group leverages a Data Clear Room (DCR) solution, integrated with Zeotap CDP. The data from both brands is kept separate in the CDP instances, ensuring compliance while allowing Deliciae Group to identify Stephanie as a multi-brand customer.

zeotap-luxury retail-use case-diagram

How Zeotap CDP can ensure compliance for a multi-brand Company

Zeotap CDP maintains separate instances for the two maisons – Deliciae and Deliciae pour Homme. This means that Stephanie’s profile within each of the CDP instances is exclusive and fully consented to GDPR and CCPA.  Stephanie’s profile from both the Deliciae maisons coming to a Data Clean Room (DCR) serves as a common ground for Stephanie’s larger unified profile that is further created within the DCR. 

Even though Zeotap CDP maintains separate and exclusive profiles of Stephanie in the two CDP instances ensuring compliance, with the DCR integrated to Zeotap CDP, this also allows the Deliciae Group to identify Stephanie as a multi-brand customer. 

Zeotap CDP’s module offers a privacy-first, customer-centric strategy that streamlines the process of managing consent and marketing preferences in both the CDP instances. The Deliciae Group is rest assured to navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence, safeguarding their customer data and delivering seamless, personalised experiences.

Personalisation and Upselling

cdp-diaries-stephanie-personalisationZeotap CDP consistently feeds Stephanie’s data back to BigQuery, enabling Deliciae‘s data science team to enhance their next-best product algorithms. Months later, Stephanie’s birthday approaches, and Zeotap CDP, armed with insights derived from BigQuery, knows she has a high propensity to purchase a watch. Deliciae leverages this information and sends a personalised birthday email through their marketing automation tool, offering a beautiful next-best product—the new Deliciae watch. Zeotap CDP’s Orchestrate Module (real-time data orchestration), orchestrates a journey that encompasses email, website personalisation multi-steps, and also activates targeted video ads on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

How Zeotap CDP orchestrates journeys in real-time

Zeotap CDP’s real-time journey orchestration platform  ensures real-time personalisation across all user touchpoints. It empowers Deliciae‘s marketing team to effortlessly use the visual and intuitive user interface to create highly personalised, cross-channel journeys. Marketers can define triggers for customer journeys based on changes to specific user attributes and real-time calculated attributes. Calculated Attributes in Zeotap CDP allows them to leverage real-time granular event data to enrich customer profiles by aggregating it in meaningful ways and enabling the creation of more accurate audience segments and journey orchestrations. By leveraging the unified power of Stephanie, marketers can seamlessly blend real-time customer actions with historical insights and ensure that they offer the beautiful next-best product—the new Deliciae watch.

Analysing Success with Looker​

 Zeotap CDP also integrates with Looker, providing Deliciae‘s data teams with aggregated analytics. They gain valuable insights, such as the percentage of users with multiple products, the effectiveness of YouTube ads in driving purchases, and more. These analytics enable informed decision-making and continuous improvement of marketing strategies.


csp-diaries-stephanie-conclusionZeotap CDP empowers brands like Deliciae Group to deliver exceptional customer experiences by harnessing the power of customer data. From capturing customer interactions to orchestrating personalised journeys and measuring campaign effectiveness, Zeotap CDP serves as a central hub for creating seamless, data-driven marketing experiences. Step into the future of customer engagement with Zeotap CDP and unlock your brand’s true potential.

Ready to dive deeper into the transformative power of CDPs for Retail?

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