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Accurate Audience Targeting: The Power of Calculated Attributes in Zeotap CDP

Are you seeking to refine your customer segments for enhanced alignment with your marketing objectives? Do you aim to elevate ad campaign conversion rates while maximizing ad budget efficiency? Is your performance evaluated based on effective new customer acquisition or boosting customer lifetime value (CLV) among your existing audience? If you resonate with any of these questions, then continue reading.

Introducing Calculated Attributes

The Calculated Attributes feature of Zeotap CDP allows you to link more granular events data or user-level attributes to customer profiles that generate more accurate audience segments ready for ad campaign activation. 

You can aggregate customer’s events data over a customisable timeframe, such as the count of pages they have viewed in the last one week or the value of merchandise bought in the last 6 months. By allowing you to aggregate disparate events, Calculated Attributes give you the ability to draw additional insights. This can help you better identify your most valuable customers or find the ones who are most likely to churn. With the ability to combine multiple attributes, you can create highly targeted audiences with just a few clicks on the Zeotap CDP platform, which enables you to closely align with campaign goals. 

How Calculated Attributes work within Zeotap CDP?

Calculated Attributes is housed within the Catalogue section of Zeotap CDP’s platform. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it offers an intuitive interface that empowers you to create new attributes by aggregating your customer’s event data across a designated time frame.

With Calculated Attributes, you’re equipped with over 10 types of operators that effortlessly generate actionable insights. The best part? You don’t need to write a single line of code. This seamless data aggregation process allows you to extract meaningful conclusions from user interactions and behaviours.

The power of Calculated Attributes extends to Zeotap CDP’s segmentation and journey orchestration module as well. By leveraging the values derived from calculated attributes, you can efficiently segment and filter users. This refined segmentation approach allows you to create more precise user cohorts, tailored to your campaign objectives and marketing strategies.

Benefits of Calculated Attributes

Unlocking Enriched Insights

By implementing Calculated Attributes, you gain enriched insights into both existing and potential customers. The aggregated data provides a deeper understanding of user behaviours, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies for better engagement and conversions.

Seamless User-Friendly Interface

Even with advanced segmentation requirements, Calculated Attributes offers an interface that requires no external expertise. This means you can delve into intricate data manipulation without the need for external assistance, empowering you to take control of your data-driven strategies.

Tailored Audiences for Time-Sensitive Campaigns

Crafting audience segments that align with the length of your sales cycle is crucial. Calculated Attributes allows you to create time-sensitive audience segments that cater to your campaign timelines. This level of customization ensures that your marketing efforts are optimally targeted and effective.

Fueling Always-On Strategies

Audience segments fueled by Calculated Attributes are refreshed daily, ensuring they remain relevant and effective. This constant renewal supports an always-on marketing strategy, enabling you to reach the right audience with precision at any given moment.

Enhanced Personalisation, Greater Conversions

The granularity achieved through Calculated Attributes enhances your campaign personalization. The result? More conversions. By creating highly specific audience segments, you deliver tailored content that resonates with individual preferences, fostering higher engagement and improved conversion rates.

Drive monthly repurchases (retail sector)

Meet Michael…

Michael works for a retailer and his performance is measured on driving customer growth: upsell and cross-sell of products to existing customers. Michael realised that the majority of new customers lapse after the first purchase. Michael’s goal is to ensure customers make a second purchase within 1-2 months of the first purchase. As a solution and incentive for new customers, Michael set up a customer growth campaign that sent a newsletter with discount vouchers to new customers who made at least 1 purchase in the last 2 months. Michael used Calculated Attributes in the following way to create an audience segment ready for campaign activation:

To achieve this, Michael executed his plan through Zeotap’s Calculated Attributes.

  1. Defining Calculated Attributes: Michael established two calculated attributes to serve as the foundation of his campaign: 
    • First Attribute: Total purchases made in the last 2 months
    • Second Attribute: Total purchases made in the last 1 month
  2. Segment Creation: Michael used the two Calculated Attributes to filter and identify users who fulfilled specific criteria. He wanted to find customers who had made a purchase in the last 2 months but hadn’t engaged in any transaction within the last 1 month.
    Purchases made in the last 2 months (First Attribute)
    Purchases made in the last 1 month (Second Attribute)
    Customers who purchased in the last 2 months, but not in the last month (optimal segmentation)
  3. Campaign Activation: With his precise segment in place, Michael’s campaign took off. He sent out a compelling newsletter packed with alluring discount vouchers to this targeted audience. The goal was to not only re-engage these customers but also motivate them to make that all-important second purchase.

As Michael witnessed the results unfold, he noticed a significant improvement in conversions and customer engagement. The carefully curated campaign, powered by Calculated Attributes, not only encouraged repeat purchases but also fostered a sense of value and loyalty among customers.

Show ads of personalised room sizes (travel sector)

Meet Amanda…

Amanda works for a travel agency and her performance is measured on online conversions. Amanda diagnosed the challenge: a poor conversion rate was due to a lack of personalised ads to align with a customer’s room size preferences. Recognising the importance of personalised engagement, Amanda was determined to bridge this gap and enhance the agency’s online conversion performance.

To tackle the challenge head-on, Amanda turned to Zeotap’s Calculated Attributes. 

  1. Defining Calculated Attributes: Amanda initiated the process by crafting calculated attributes that hinged on the Room Type associated with each user. This Room Type played a crucial role in identifying the specific accommodation preferences of potential customers.
  2. Optimising Computation Duration: Amanda recognised the importance of timing. She ensured that the computation duration aligned with the average conversion window for her platform, optimizing the precision and relevance of the personalised ad experiences.
  3. Creating a Seamless Workflow: Amanda’s strategic approach extended to the agency’s website. Whenever a potential customer performed a search on the site, Amanda ingeniously used the Calculated Attributes feature to enrich their keyword search. This enriched information served as a compass, guiding customers towards room size options that best matched their desires.

The once-generic ads were now transformed into personalised showcases of room sizes that catered to individual preferences. Amanda’s dynamic approach resonated deeply with customers, enhancing engagement and driving a surge in online conversions.

Are you ready to elevate your marketing strategies across various sectors, mirroring the successes of individuals like Michael and Amanda? Reach out to us at [email protected]to to discover how Calculated Attributes can empower you to craft actionable audience segments. Enhance the personalisation of your marketing campaigns and unlock an average increase in efficiency by 15%-35%.

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