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Zeotap Values: Building Trust in the Age of the Customer

“If you want to be trusted, be trustworthy.”

Did you know that the age of the customer began in the early 2010s, following the age of information? Easy access to information and resources has disrupted the market and transformed the way companies and customers relate to each other. Customers have identified the possibility of demanding more commitment, quality, transparency and above all: personalisation. 

In this scenario, trust has played an important role in customer loyalty. Customers are not only looking for a product/service that meets their needs but they are also focused on the way their chosen company relates to them. Thirteen years after it began, the age of the customer is gaining more and more strength and relevance. 

That’s why at Zeotap, the value that seals our Pact is Trustworthiness. As a team, we are committed to establishing a deep connection with our customers, through empathy, transparency, honesty, respect, and reliability.

To better grasp this value at Zeotap, revisit a post by Hannah Schatte, our Head of Legal. She discusses how brands can safeguard their reputation against privacy violations on advertising platforms and the role of CDPs in this scenario.

According to Hannah, “CDPs contribute to data transparency by providing clear information to users about data collection and usage, aligning user consent with regulatory demands. Brands can rely on CDPs to shape privacy-focused marketing campaigns, building trust through ethical use and collection of customer data to reduce risks like data breaches“.

Zeotap plays a crucial role in building trust through ethical use and collection of customer data to reduce risks like data breaches. Such responsibility demands that our processes be orchestrated reliably.

We are committed to creating a product/service that conveys security enabling our customers and partners to act authentically and freely in the market. Our everyday goal is to develop a trusting relationship that guarantees our integrity and allows our clients and partners to get where they want to go.

To deliver this to the market, our team believes that building trust is an ongoing project that requires effort from all team members. Internally we work hard to foster a culture of trust through:

  • Shared goals and vision: we work with the divide-conquer concept. 
  • Accountability: if we make mistakes we take full responsibility and we focus on the solution. 
  • Consistency: our actions and behavior are reliable and our commitments are important.
  • Communication: we are always seeking to improve communication through transparency.
  • Competence: we are surrounded by smart people, and our team has a robust set of skills and knowledge. 

We believe that trustworthiness fosters loyalty, satisfaction, and positive interactions, which contribute to the long-term success and growth of our business and the business of our customers. 

How do we make sure that we deliver trustworthiness for our customers and partners? 

  • With high ethical and legal standards that result in regulatory compliance.
  • Providing top-notch customer service.
  • Creating a personalised customer experience 
  • Being honest, transparent, reachable, and open to feedback
  • Focusing on conflict resolution and long-term relationship 

We are visionaries and committed to being present for our team members and customers and exceeding their expectations. To show our difference we’re extremely extraordinary in what we do. 

Our PACT is our guide. Would you like to revisit our values? Here we go:

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