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Adobe Target & Zeotap CDP: Personalising Customer Journeys

The marketing landscape has undergone rapid evolution, witnessing an explosion of diverse channels. While the ultimate goal remains unchanged – delivering the right message at the right time through the right channel – the accompanying complexity has grown exponentially. Amidst these challenges, a pivotal question surfaces: How can organisations optimise their existing investments? To construct an ideal marketing technology stack that propels superior customer experiences, the selection of the right technology becomes paramount.

Whether an organisation is striving for a centralised customer view or contemplating the replacement of a fading Data Management Platform (DMP), the decision-making process becomes critical. The spotlight shifts to the selection of an adept Customer Data Platform (CDP) that seamlessly integrates and aligns with the existing tech stack.

Zeotap CDP stands out with key strengths, particularly its seamless compatibility with Adobe’s products. This characteristic makes Zeotap CDP an uncomplicated and advantageous choice for enterprises seeking a robust solution. In this blog, we’ll explore the flexibility of Zeotap CDP’s integration, showcasing how enterprises can maximise both platforms to boost customer engagement. We’ll also delve into the compatibility between the two platforms and provide detailed insights into Zeotap CDP’s integration with Adobe Target for effective personalisation.

Empowering Brands with Cutting-Edge Technology

Zeotap CDP takes pride in assisting enterprise organisations to enhance the value of their investments. The expertise lies in seamless integration with various Adobe Experience Cloud products, ensuring a harmonious environment for enhanced customer engagement and increased conversion rates. Zeotap CDP seamlessly integrates with the Adobe products in your stack (starting from Adobe Experience Platform Launch – the next-generation tag management system to Adobe Audience Manager, to Adobe Target,  to Adobe Campaign and more) with your non-Adobe tools, but also give you the flexibility to switch components if you want to. No matter whether the reason is performance, cost, innovation or a mix of all these reasons. 

Adobe Target, a prominent component of the Adobe Experience Cloud, serves as a comprehensive solution for customising and personalising customer experiences. In Europe, Zeotap CDP has risen as a leader in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space, particularly in its integration with Adobe Target. By combining Zeotap CDP and Adobe Target, you can elevate visitor profiles on your website and maintain the ongoing accuracy of user profiles through regular synchronisation. Let’s delve into maximising the benefits of your integration with Zeotap CDP and Adobe Target.

Driving Efficiency and ROI, the Joint Value Proposition

Zeotap CDP is tailored for non-technical business users, offering a marketer-friendly interface for swift access and actionable insights from precise customer data. This empowers enterprise brands to deliver seamless final-mile experiences. Its seamless integration with the full Adobe suite adds value to the client’s Adobe stack, outperforming the capabilities of Adobe CDP. Business users can independently analyse audiences and orchestrate automated experiences, streamlining operations without relying on technical resources.

Adobe Integration with Zeotap CDP

Crafting Seamless Journeys: Same and Next Page Personalisation

Customers seek personalised experiences tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Real-time personalisation empowers businesses to deliver content and offers precisely when customers interact, ensuring each touchpoint remains relevant and engaging. Zeotap CDP’s integration with Adobe Target excels in executing both same-page and next-page personalisation. Same-page personalisation dynamically adjusts the current page based on user behaviour and preferences, while next-page personalisation anticipates the user’s subsequent actions, creating a seamless journey. These strategies rely on a comprehensive user profile, additional attributes, and extra data and insights provided by Zeotap CDP, fostering a deeper understanding of customers.

Same Page Personalisation: Instantly Tailored Experiences

Same Page Personalisation focuses on dynamically adapting the current webpage in real-time, aligning it with the user’s immediate behaviour and preferences. By leveraging Zeotap CDP’s sophisticated data ingestion and audience creation capabilities, brands can instantly curate dynamic audiences. Upon a customer’s arrival on the website, Zeotap CDP’s integration with Adobe Target springs into action, utilising these audience insights to deliver a hyper-personalised experience on the same page. With the Same Page Personalisation approach, you can ensure that each visitor’s experience is uniquely tailored from the moment they land on the site, significantly boosting engagement and conversion rates through highly relevant and contextual content.

Next Hit Personalisation: Anticipating Future Interactions

Next Hit Personalisation goes a step further by anticipating and preparing for the user’s subsequent actions, creating a consistently personalised journey across multiple pages. Utilising Zeotap CDP’s integration with Adobe Target’s Delivery API, this strategy enables near real-time updates to user profiles. For example, when a user adds a product to their cart, this action immediately informs the personalisation of their next interaction with the website. With the immediacy and accuracy of the Next Hit Personalisation approach, you can ensure that each subsequent page visit is a continuation of a tailored narrative, resonating with the user’s ongoing journey. Whether it’s refining recommendations or adjusting messaging based on recent interactions, Next Hit Personalisation ensures that every step of the customer journey is intuitively aligned with individual preferences and actions.

Mechanisms of the Integration

The collaboration between Zeotap CDP and Adobe Target primarily operates through two mechanisms, depending on the desired type of personalisation.

Segment ID Integration for Same-Page Personalisation

This method utilises Segment IDs created within Zeotap CDP’s Audience module. These Segment IDs are transmitted to Adobe Target as profile attributes with boolean values (True/False). With the Segment IDs now sent to Adobe Target, you can create campaigns to deliver personalised experiences directly on the current page a user is viewing.

Through the Segment ID, you can send user profiles in bulk to Adobe Target, making profile updates for same-page personalisation highly effective. This results in the immediate adaptation of the webpage based on the user’s segment, enhancing the relevance and engagement of the content.

Delivery API for Next-Page Personalisation

The Delivery API operates similarly to Single Profile Updates but with the additional benefit of near real-time execution. This custom integration between Zeotap CDP and Adobe Target enables real-time data synchronisation. Primarily employed for next-page personalisation, this method ensures that the content a user sees on their subsequent page visit is dynamically tailored based on their previous interactions. This approach provides a highly responsive personalisation experience. As users interact with the site, their actions are quickly reflected in their profiles, enabling the next page they visit to be personalised with up-to-the-moment accuracy.

Privacy-Focused Marketing with Zeotap CDP

While the availability of data grows, unlocking its full potential presents challenges. Enterprises can depend on Zeotap CDP to shape privacy-focused marketing campaigns, building trust through the ethical use and collection of customer data to reduce risks such as data breaches. Zeotap CDP  contributes to data transparency by providing clear information to users about data collection and usage, aligning with the highest European standards for consent, security, and privacy, such as GDPR. By systematically addressing the hurdles to personalisation, Zeotap CDP enables marketers to deliver targeted messages and offers, adjusting content based on psychographic triggers for campaign precision.

In the world of digital transformation, the journey has just begun, and the future looks personalised. The collaboration between Zeotap CDP, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign offers a versatile solution for businesses seeking impactful customer experiences, empowering brands to stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape. To delve into the intricacies of this collaboration, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Our team is prepared to assist you on this expedition!

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