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How Zeotap CDP Empowers Enterprises to Maximise their Data Potential

As enterprises strive to embrace a more data-driven approach, they encounter various challenges that can hinder their ability to fully harness the power of data. Each enterprise presents unique challenges, including intricate data formats, structures and transformation requirements. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for unlocking the true potential of data.

Zeotap CDP, a market leader in addressing diverse data challenges within enterprises, offers a solution to expedite time to market through faster onboarding, timely data validation, data mapping and by being prepared to tackle the complexities of data. Our developed ingestion layer effortlessly handles these issues, ensuring that onboarding to Zeotap CDP becomes a seamless process for enterprises.

By integrating with Zeotap CDP, organisations can pave the way towards a future where data becomes a strategic asset, fueling innovation and fostering sustainable growth. This blog explores the common data challenges faced by enterprises and how Zeotap CDP efficiently solves them.


Our Commitment towards Simplifying Data Challenges

Effective data management is pivotal for enterprises navigating the expansive, diverse and rapidly evolving data landscape. Despite the significance of data management, enterprises often face challenges in this domain. The influx of data from multiple sources creates silos that not only impede informed decision-making but also impact overall operational efficiency. Without a robust centralised data foundation, processed data becomes error-prone, leading to inaccurate understanding of their customer profiles. Poor data quality not only influences decision-making but also hampers team productivity. Teams must invest time in revalidating and standardising anomalies before utilising the data for their purposes. Legacy systems and outdated technology infrastructure present a dual challenge for enterprises. Beyond incurring high operational costs, these systems lack scalability and performance, particularly when dealing with substantial data volumes or evolving business requirements.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) acts as a linchpin in addressing shared data challenges for enterprises. Handling large volumes of data may seem technically demanding, requiring end-users to be technically savvy. Enter Zeotap CDP—a solution that effortlessly manages data and its challenges, tackling silos, ensuring governance, enhancing data quality and promoting standardisation through its user-friendly, flexible and scalable platform.

Zeotap CDP offers seamless flexibility for onboarding customer data, understanding the diverse challenges in enterprise data. Unlike many other CDPs, we openly address challenges during data ingestion, fostering transparency. Our platform evolves to handle data complexities, ensuring a robust and interactive experience. Zeotap CDP is designed to meet your data challenges with practical solutions, allowing a focus on leveraging insights for strategic decisions.

Faster Onboarding of your Data

A Catalogue is at the heart of data standardisation and governance. In the context of a CDP, the traditional process of configuring the catalogue involves a series of manual and time-consuming tasks from multiple stakeholders, impacting onboarding efficiency. Zeotap CDP changes the game with its Catalogue featuring do-it-yourself capabilities, offering enterprises control and functionality.

With a centralized view of all attributes against a user profile from multiple sources, the catalogue standardises data from disparate sources. Our user-friendly interface eases the mapping of ingested customer data. The do-it-yourself (DIY) capabilities offer flexibility to extend or create brand-specific custom attributes, allowing you to define and categorise the custom attributes for reference, visibility into all available unmapped fields for data ingestion, along with contextual categorisation such as user traits, consent, marketing preference, and more.

Not just this, Zeotap CDP also lets you choose which attributes to show or hide in the catalogue, making the user interface simpler. This feature allows users to declutter downstream modules, ensuring a more focused and organised workspace.

Faster Data Onboarding

Streamlined Data Standardisation

Zeotap CDP addresses the challenge of diverse data formats by incorporating both standard and custom data transformers into its platform. Standard data transformers like country enricher and timestamp enricher ensure seamless and standardized data onboarding, while Zeotap CDP recognizes the need for custom transformers to handle scenarios beyond standard formats. The platform offers marketers the flexibility to ingest data in any form through an easy-to-use interface, bridging the gap for non-standard or complex data. Zeotap CDP’s custom transformers provide an extensive toolkit for users, including directives for parsing, case change, find & replace, split separator, encoder & decoders, date-time transformations, hashing & masking, column operations, and various transient aggregators & setters. This comprehensive collection empowers users to tailor data workflows based on specific business needs or system requirements, ensuring precision and efficiency in data transformation.

Prevalidation Layer for Data Ingestion

Ensuring data accuracy from the outset is a priority for Zeotap CDP. Before ingesting data into our system, we conduct sample data validation to ensure its integrity. This crucial step allows us to proactively identify and rectify errors, maintaining the quality of the data entering our platform. If discrepancies or mismatches are detected during this validation process, our system promptly sends alerts. This proactive approach ensures a smooth and error-free data ingestion process, contributing to overall data quality.

Let’s consider a scenario involving ID resolution challenges due to data quality issues. Zeotap CDP implements measures to identify and flag problematic profile unifications. Our system recognizes instances of common data values causing disruptions and blacklists them. This process ensures that blacklisted values do not participate in the profile unification and resolution flow.

Dynamic Data Mapping and Customisation Capabilities

Zeotap CDP surpasses static data management by providing dynamic insights into how data changes over time. We recognize the evolution of your data and the importance of incorporating those changes seamlessly into our system to prevent disruptions in the data pipeline. We enable dynamic modifications to previously mapped data, accommodating changes from the source system and ensuring a more adaptive and responsive approach to data understanding.

We offer flexibility to realign previously mapped data when adjustments are necessary. For example, changes in the location of “age” and “gender” columns in source files since their initial mapping to Zeotap CDP can be accommodated. This ensures an uninterrupted data pipeline working towards data enrichment.

Zeotap CDP empowers users to modify mapped fields, addressing manual errors or adapting to evolving requirements. Streamlining attribute names with business terminology allows users to replace generic labels with personalized terms for a more user-friendly experience. For instance, transforming “email_raw” to “Primary Customer Email” enhances clarity without altering the underlying database name. The inclusion of unique display names in the catalogue prevents conflicts, while the consistent field database name serves as a reference for unified data access via API or data export.

Handling Data Complexities

Unlike other CDPs that require incoming data to be associated with at least one user identifier, Zeotap CDP provides flexibility by allowing the ingestion of both customer entity data and  non-customer entity data. The unified customer profile created by Zeotap CDP extends beyond data directly associated with the customer’s identifier to include entity data linked to the customer through the entity’s identifier, such as transactional data, account data, and product catalogue information. Once the relationship between the non-customer data and customer data is defined and established, our system takes care of enriching these customer profiles at every step of activation.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by nested data complexities, we understand the need for a solution that seamlessly supports the ingestion of complex data, maps that data in our centralised catalogue, and ensures consistency across the system. We are working towards addressing the intricacies associated with handling complex data structures.

In conclusion, Zeotap CDP stands as a comprehensive solution to the multifaceted challenges encountered in enterprise data management. From addressing data silos and ensuring governance to improving data quality and promoting data standardisation, our platform provides practical and effective solutions. With features such as a prevalidation layer for data ingestion, standardization and flexibility, dynamic data understanding, support for non-customer entity data, countercomplex data handling, and a centralized catalogue empowered by DIY capabilities, Zeotap CDP offers a robust and interactive experience, simplifying complex data scenarios effortlessly. Ensure you unlock the full potential of your data—schedule a demo now and embark on a journey towards data-driven success with Zeotap CDP.

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