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Build Richer Customer Profiles with Non-Customer Entity Data in Zeotap CDP

At Zeotap, we recognise that understanding your customers goes beyond just customer-related data. In line with our mission to make customer data impactful, we have unveiled our feature for Non Customer Entities. This innovative feature significantly boosts marketers’ data-driven capabilities, offering a radical expansion in insights about their customers. In this blog post, we will explore how Zeotap CDP’s Non-Customer Entity Data feature helps businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers and leverage that knowledge to drive successful marketing strategies.

A bit about Non-Customer Entity Data

The Non-Customer Entity Data feature is a pioneering approach that broadens the scope of data ingestion beyond customer-centric identifiers. Non-Customer Entity Data refers to data that is not directly tied to a user but to an attribute associated with the user. The most common forms of Non-Customer Entity Data are product catalogues, order data, feed data, campaign data, account data and so on. Zeotap CDP allows you to further enrich the information available on a user’s profile using Non-Customer Entity Data. This comprehensive understanding is crucial for developing effective marketing strategies. What sets Zeotap CDP apart is its flexibility. It allows the ingestion of both customer and non-customer entity data, expanding the unified customer profile with rich, diverse data points. This capability is a stark contrast to other CDPs that typically require data to be tied directly to a user identifier.

Understanding better with a Use Case

Sofia and Anton, new parents and recent homeowners, are enthusiastic about creating a comfortable home. While focusing on their newborn, they also seek top-notch household appliances. Sofia extensively researches baby products, while Anton compares insurance quotes for their new house. 

EuroFamilyMart, a retail company based in Europe, specialises in a diverse range of family-oriented products. Among their target demographic are new-age parents who have recently relocated to a different neighbourhood. Jane, the marketing head, plans to use Household IDs for precise targeting. She aims to promote baby products to mothers and insurance services to fathers, optimising campaigns and fostering personalised interactions. Jane’s goal is to minimise redundant efforts, avoid irrelevant content and tailor messages to specific households. 

By employing Household IDs, Jane’s team can optimise their campaigns, reduce ad spend wastage, and foster more effective and personalised interactions with families or groups sharing a common residence. In order to achieve this goal, Jane’s team must possess a comprehensive understanding of both Sofia and Anton, as engaging with individual customer entities is fundamental to the principles of one-to-one relationship marketing.  Additionally, Jane also intends to extend special offers to household accounts that have made purchases from their website over the past six months.

Marketer’s challenges when dealing with multiple customer profiles in a household

Although the EuroFamilyMart website housed the previous purchase details of customers like Sofia and Anton, including their respective order IDs, a significant hurdle arose. The final order status crucial for tracking resided within the order system, inaccessible through the website data. This complication stemmed from the dynamic nature of order data, which undergoes updates based on status changes rather than remaining a static event. Jane and her team encountered formidable challenges in tracking order details and purchase history due to the fragmentation of data across different systems. This led to the creation of data silos and incomplete customer profiles within the EuroFamilyMart database. Addressing these challenges became imperative for achieving a more unified and comprehensive understanding of customer interactions.

How does Zeotap CDP’s Non-Customer Entity Data feature solves this problem?

The purchase data of Sofia and Anton from the website is effectively captured using Zeotap’s native tag. This information is stored as event data, intricately linked to a distinct order ID generated during the booking process. EuroFamilyMart’s implementation team has ingested not just their data sources with Zeotap CDP, but also the order system. The pivotal role played by the order ID as a join key has allowed for the enrichment of all the customer profiles with real-time updates and changes in the order data.

Unlike other CDPs that mandate incoming data to be linked with at least one user identifier, Zeotap CDP offers the flexibility to ingest two distinct types of data: customer entity data and non-customer entity data. Consequently, the unified customer profile crafted by Zeotap CDP extends beyond data directly linked to the customer, such as their identifier. It also encompasses entity data associated with the customer through the entity’s identifier, encompassing transactional data, account information, order details and product catalogue information. This comprehensive understanding is crucial for developing effective marketing strategies for house-hold focused marketing campaigns.

This setup empowers Jane and her team with the flexibility to create segments based on order status and ensures that whenever data is updated for a specific order ID, it dynamically reflects the enriched user information and segment association. Her team can now access real-time order status updates directly from the order system and enrich user profiles with the complete order data. Jane, leveraging this capability, can now craft highly targeted discount offers contingent on booking confirmation status. This not only elevates the efficacy of his marketing campaigns but also enhances overall customer engagement.

Zeotap CDP allows the ingestion of both customer and non-customer entity data, expanding the unified customer profile with rich, diverse data points. This capability is a stark contrast to other CDPs that typically require data to be tied directly to a user identifier. One of the key challenges in customer data management has been the complex process of pre-processing and integrating diverse data types. Zeotap CDP addresses this challenge head-on, simplifying the integration process for two key user groups: Data Engineers, who implement the CDP and Marketers, who leverage it for activation.  

Zeotap CDP excels in GDPR compliance, aligning with the highest European standards for consent, security and privacy. Navigating complex privacy laws, Jane’s team ensures the ethical use of Household IDs, obtaining explicit consent, and upholding the right to privacy for targeted families. Integrated with Zeotap CDP, the team seamlessly addresses changes in households within their system, ensuring the effective delivery of products and services. Integrated with Zeotap CDP, they need not worry about overcoming challenges related to cross-device tracking; thus be ensured of driving a seamless and cohesive customer experience across smartphones, tablets and other devices for their respective customers per household.

Non-customer entity data

More about the solution that Zeotap CDP offers

Moving on from the phase of ingesting customer and non-customer entity data, Zeotap CDP further enhances its offering for Non-Customer Entity Data across the different elements of its ecosystem. 

  • Streamlined Segmentation: With both customer and non-customer entity attributes available for segment creation within the AI-powered Audience product. The intuitive Audiences module helps Jane’s team drive complex use cases in the likes of household accounts without any technical expertise using easy to use condition blocks and operators along with customer and non-customer entity attributes. 
  • Dynamic Journey Creation: Create powerful, scalable personalised journeys in just a few clicks leveraging real-time customer actions and historical insights across all user touchpoints, utilising both customer and non-customer entity attributes. Jane’s team can deliver cross-channel personalised experiences to their targeted household account, in real-time with ease.
  • Support for Wider Range of Marketing needs: With the support for both customer and non-customer data, Jane’s team can now cater to a broader spectrum of marketing needs, including ads, email marketing, personalisation, engagement automation, A/B testing and analytics, using both types of data and leveraging all possible identifiers accepted by those platforms to effectively target a broader audience. 

Experience the power of Zeotap CDP’s NCE data feature, designed to address all your data ingestion concerns and seamlessly onboard your non-customer entity data. With this innovation, Zeotap is poised to redefine the landscape of customer data platforms, offering unprecedented insights and capabilities to businesses across the globe. Don’t miss out on unlocking the full potential of your data—schedule a demo now and embark on a journey towards data-driven success with Zeotap CDP.

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